Urfi Javed's clothes are back in the limelight, no bras, just nipples.

 Urfi Javed's clothes are back in the limelight, no bras, just nipples.

Urfi Javed is one of the biggest stars in the Bollywood world right now. Right now she is very popular for her bold look and style. While she is in controversy for her clothes, she is also in controversy for her speech. He was once a fierce contestant of Bigg Boss. But now she is more into practice for her clothes.

Almost every day sometimes she is seen going out wearing different clothes. Even though there is not even a thread on her body, she can be seen taking the social media by storm in that outfit. He has many followers in various places. So his number of followers is not less. It can be seen that paparazzi surrounded her when she wore these clothes. He is also very popular among common people. So he knows very well how to stay in the headlines.

However, this time, he has taken himself to a different level in choosing strange clothes. Due to this strange creative outfit, she has to face many bad words. This time, she has no underwear in her choice of clothes. A cage made of chest slits is practically his clothing. And the net world is shocked with this dress.

Urfi was recently invited to an event of a popular OTT platform in Mumbai. Bengali mega star Prosenjit Chatterjee appeared there. There, wearing this dress, he impressed everyone. Purple dress with beige pants. And with that, a purple colored cloth is being used to cover the nipples. Bright lips, kajal dark eyes, hair pulled back. As soon as he entered the event room, there was an uproar among the photographers. As soon as this picture spread on social media, the internet started talking about him. Many have questioned the modesty of her outfit. But she is not the girl to be embarrassed by criticism. In other words, Urfi is Urfi at the end of the day.

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