What happens if you have intercourse in the toilet?, having intercourse through the back of the wife or the anus, what is the ruling on having intercourse through the back of the wife?


Topic: What happens if you have intercourse in the toilet?, Having intercourse through the back of the wife or anus, What is the ruling on having intercourse through the back of the wife?, Does intercourse through the back cause children?

In Islam, having sex in the anus or on the toilet is completely forbidden. This is the poet's sin.

Homosexuality is completely forbidden in Islam. It is stated in the Qur'an,

And We sent Lut as a Messenger. When he said to his people: Do you commit such indecent acts, which no one in the whole world has done before you? You go to the men willingly and leave the women. You are definitely transgressors.

(Surah Araf: 7..80-81)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Cursed is the person who commits the evil of Lut.

On the authority of Ibn Abbas (RA), he said, The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: If you find a person engaged in the mischief of the people of Lut, kill the wrongdoer and the one with whom the mischief was done. Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Hadith Number: 1456

Having sex in the anus of girls is a kind of sex.

Girls First Pain Later — "Holding the toilet and getting clear all at once" is a strangely painful and fun feeling as long as you can last.

And if you have anal sex in a barbaric way, there is a membrane between her anus and vagina and it is very bad. Bleeding occurs. Having regular anal sex for a long time can lead to piles, fissures, toilet blockage, cancer etc.


1 Having sex is bisexual. I am putting the theory aside for now as I cannot find the proven truth of it in the journal I read it in. If I find it, I will give the link again.

2. Many (both men and women) have personally wanted to know the course of anal sex. I am giving an answer of common interest to everyone I have not mentioned anyone's name as it is a topic of sensitive interest.

What do girls enjoy having sex? # Answer— Yes. I have mentioned above how girls enjoy anal sex due to the junction of hypersensitive muscles and different nerves. And due to the pressure in the bladder, there is more sexual sensation

Today we will discuss about anal sex or anal intercourse. This is risky sex. It can cause various sexually transmitted diseases including itching and cracks in the anus. This bad habit can even lead to AIDS.

According to the laws of Bangladesh, the age of consent for cohabitation is 16 years. Because before this age, the body of a boy and a girl cannot take the pressure of intercourse. If one of the two is younger then it is considered as rape. Both of them may go to jail.

Many people use condoms and lubricants during anal sex. However, there is no chance of getting pregnant if you ejaculate in the anus. But the anal lining is very thin, so it can be damaged very easily.

What Islam says about anal intercourse

Does Islam support anal sex? Can be done?

The normal way of intercourse in Islam is for the husband to be on top and the wife to be on the bottom. This natural approach is observed in every animal. This is very clearly indicated in Al-Qur'an. The meaning of the verse is - "When the husband and wife covered, then the thin womb of the wife became infected."

During intercourse, the wife's body will be covered by the husband's body when the wife is down and the husband is on top of her. Moreover, this method is the most comfortable. The wife also does not have to suffer in this and it is also beneficial and helpful for pregnancy. Therefore, it is not right to disobey religion and medicine by having anal sex for temporary pleasure. A beautiful life will become miserable due to incurable diseases.

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