Boy child, prayer to get a boy child, how to understand whether the child is a boy or a girl, which side of the stomach does the baby boy live?


If you are pregnant, the curiosity to know the gender of your unborn child is strong. Every pregnant woman tries to understand whether the child is a boy or a girl in different ways. It is believed that if the belly looks smaller, chances are more of a boy. Many try to understand whether it is a boy or not by looking at the shape of the navel or the dark spot from the lower abdomen to the stomach.

High vs. Low

This is an old story of old mothers. If you have a boy in your womb, then the pot will hang down. If the child is a girl, then the pot will be higher. So what are you waiting for? You must look at your stomach now.

black spots

The linea nigra, or dark spot that runs from the lower part of your abdomen to the navel, can be seen if you are carrying a girl. If the spot disappears towards the end of pregnancy, you can expect a boy. On the other hand, if the spot is below the lower abdomen. If it comes from the sides to the ribs, then you can expect a boy in your womb.

Pendulum technique for stomach

If you want to know, is your son in the stomach or not? Then bring your wedding ring. Tie a piece of your hair in it. Lie down and swing the ring on your stomach. If it moves round and round, it is a sign that you are going to have a boy. If it swings like a pendulum, then you will know that it is a girl child.

Abdominal movements

Many people believe that if you have a boy in your belly, the movement is less. But if it's a girl, he moves around a lot in the belly, which makes your belly sometimes look pretty or weird.

How does the belly look?

How does your belly look - like a basketball or a watermelon? If it looks like a basketball, it's a boy. But if it looks like a watermelon, it's a girl.

baby's weight
If you feel the weight of your baby in the front, it is more likely to be a boy. If it looks like a round belly, then it could be a girl child.

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