Don't make the mistake of watching this daring web series with the family, full of daring scenes


Don't make the mistake of watching this daring web series with the family, full of daring scenes

Nowadays in the age of technology and entertainment everyone is more comfortable to watch web series or different types of videos using digital platform on mobile. Be it Netflix or YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video, digital platforms have become people's daily companions these days. These days various web series on all these platforms have started gaining popularity among all.

And after the corona virus situation, this type of web series is getting more and more popular. Bold web series is one of the web series that is gaining people's attention on social media these days.

This type of web series is very popular on multiple platforms like Ullu, Bhuvi. One such web series will be discussed today where actress Ayushi Jaiswal has surprised everyone with her performance.

This web series is named Badan. You can watch this web series on Ullu platform right now and the craze of this web series is spreading all over India. As bold content has started gaining popularity on mobile platforms these days, every actress is adapting herself in a new way.

This is also seen in the second season of Badan web series. This web series stars actress Ayushi Jaiswal in the lead role along with Leena Singh and Ashraf. Their acting is excellent in this web series, which makes the story of this web series more daring.

The story line in this web series is mainly divided into two parts where in the first part, Ashraf falls in love with a woman and they both become close to each other. But later it came to know that Ashraf was used by the woman and later she did not hesitate to cheat him.

And we can see the second part of this web series in the second season. In the second season of this web series, we will see that the lady was married from the beginning and still had an affair with the actor. Then the second season will tell you the story.

But if you have watched these two seasons, then you must now be waiting for the third season of this web series. Let us inform you that the trailer of the third season of this web series is already out.

You will find this video on Ullur Official YouTube Channel. The story of this web series will not disappoint you at all. But yes, this web series is not free to watch. To watch this web series you need to subscribe to this web platform.

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