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Benefits of using female condom

Most people in our country are ignorant about female condoms. They don't know that girls have condoms too!! So the identity and benefits of female condoms are discussed in detail. This is very important for both men and women.

Female Condom English (Female Condom) is a type of contraceptive used mainly during sexual intercourse. It was discovered by Lassie Hessel. This female condom has a thin, loose, flexible coating and two rings at both ends. It is anti-allergic and suitable for those prone to infections from using rubber latex.

  Female condoms are primarily used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. It is applied to the female genitalia during sexual intercourse and prevents the male sperm from entering the female vagina so that the male sperm cannot fertilize the female egg.

A woman can protect herself from pregnancy by using this condom when the male partner is unwilling to use the male condom. Its usage is very easy and simple. Only fingers should be inserted into the genital area. After mating, the outer end should be twisted out. By using female condom, women can control their sexual health according to their own choice and desire.

In addition, in many cases, the use of such condoms by girls is able to attract the male partner more than conventional condoms. The advantage of RKT is that this condom can be worn long before intercourse. The material temperature of this condom changes with body temperature. But the price is affordable.


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