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Do you know that there are more genitals in the female body besides the vagina? Apart from other organs, women have some distinct genitalia than men. First of all it is breast or breast.

A woman's breast pair simultaneously embodies femininity and plays a special role in sexual life and motherhood. A woman's femininity blossoms to its full extent with the development of her breasts. Men don't have breasts like women but men are also attracted or aroused by the touch of breasts. Women's breasts play an important role in sexual life. A woman reaches the most basic and ultimate sexual arousal through the touch of the breast. The most attractive part of a woman's external genitalia is her clitoris.

It is the female external genitalia. Kitoris is called Bhagankur in Bengali. Various tests have shown that the length and width of the vulva may not be the same for all women, but the pleasure of touching the vulva is immense for all women. The head of Cytoris is covered with soft skin or skin. It can be called kitoral hood or genital covered head.

The six types of female genitalia are the types of female vagina.

1) Dry vagina
2) Tight vagina
3) Oshta Yoni
4) Charming vagina
5) Deer vagina
6) Small vagina

Learn about some of the different types of female vaginas.

1)Dry vagina:- It is a type of vagina which is always dry. It is not easy to use, when you want to have sex in this type of vagina you must use lubricants or slippery substances. It will be very difficult to have sex in it without lubricant.

2)Tight vagina:- It can also be called tight vagina or virgin vagina. It usually remains quite tight even after many times of intercourse. Men experience great pleasure by having sex in such a vagina.

3) Lips vagina:- lips type vagina or lip shaped vagina, this type of vagina looks very beautiful. And men are very attracted to this type of vagina.

4)Supple vagina:-Supple vagina or you can also call this type of vagina flexible vagina. This type of vagina is very flexible type. Men feel a lot of pleasure by having sex in this type of vagina.

5) Deer vagina:- You can also call it Harini vagina.

It is said that girls with such vaginas have better character.

6) Small vagina:- You can also say small vagina or fine vagina. The size of this vagina is usually small. And you have to be very careful having sex with girls with this type of vagina. Otherwise, both may suffer a lot.

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