What to do to make the vagina tight like a young girl, easy treatment for vaginal tightness or contraction in women, tighten enlarged vagina with easy home remedies,

 Tighten an enlarged vagina with simple home remedies! Shame not to know!

Many people may view this post in a negative light but it is not right to do so as it is an educational post and this post is shared with you today keeping in mind the benefit of many of you.

If both men and women do not enjoy intercourse, then all the fun of intercourse can go to waste. Just as a man's strong long and thick penis is appreciated by women, men also want to have sex with a girl with medium breasts and a tight vagina. But after giving birth to many girls, the vagina can become enlarged, which is often the reason for divorce. Because when girls are pregnant, men can't have intercourse for many days. That's why he waits until the baby is born and then if his wife's vagina is enlarged or loose then the man doesn't enjoy it. Many girls in our country are suffering from this problem but people are not able to say it because of shame and their husbands are about to lose their family due to this problem. So you can solve your problem yourself at home.

Then know how to tighten your vagina at home:

Amalaki Syrup: Amalaki is a very famous fruit of our country. This fruit, which is available at a low price, is widely used in the vagina of girls in foreign countries to tighten the vagina. Buy or collect amlaki fruit and boil it in water. When the amlaki dissolves in the water and the water becomes thick, collect the mixture in a bottle. Then massage the syrup inside and outside the vagina every time the girls go to shower. If you follow this rule for about a month, the vagina will become tight.

Kegel exercises: Many girls have regained happiness in life by following this exercise. It is said that if you do this exercise regularly after having a baby, the vagina becomes tight like a virgin girl. In this exercise, the groin muscles are repeatedly contracted and stretched. The groin has to be contracted for 10 seconds and released and again contracted for 10 seconds. Repeat this procedure about 15 times. You can do Kegel exercises 100-200 times a day with breaks. You can also do this exercise while urinating. While urinating, hold the urine for 5 seconds by contracting the muscle and then release.

* Healthy eating habits to tighten the vagina: Along with Kegel exercise, it is very important to have more fruits and vegetables in the food. As a result, the loosened vagina quickly regains its old shape and sex is full.

Many people put their fingers inside the vagina to clean it, due to which the vagina becomes much wider. So do not do anything in such a way that the normal condition of the vagina is not maintained.

If you follow the rules, you can get happiness in family and married life. Also, if you have many problems, do not forget to consult a doctor.

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