Bollywood's Wrong Casting In Films


Scene: A group of movie fans sitting around discussing casting decisions in recent Bollywood films

Bollywood's Wrong Casting In Films

Person 1: I was watching this new Bollywood movie yesterday and I have to say that some of the casting choices were just wrong. They cast actors who didn't suit their roles at all!

AI Assistant: Yes, sometimes filmmakers make mistakes while casting their movies. Would you like me to give you examples?

Person 2: Yes, please share some instances where Bollywood got its casting wrong.

AI Assistant: Sure, here are a few examples - Shah Rukh Khan as a NASA scientist in Zero (2018), Salman Khan playing a specially abled character in Bharat (2019) and Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt in the biopic Sanju (2018). While these actors tried their best, they couldn't pull off their characters convincingly enough.

Person 3: Yeah, those choices definitely came across as wrong on screen. But there are also times when actor turns out to be perfect for their role despite not looking the part. Can you tell us such example too?

Bollywood's Wrong Casting In Films

AI Assistant: Of course! Anil Kapoor played the role of Nita Ambani very well even though he looks nothing like her in the movie ‘Sarkar’ (2005). Alia Bhatt also plays Gangajal’s daughter in the movie Sangamithra even though she did not resemble it but she carries herself so gracefully that no one can question her appearance . We must not forget Deepika Padukone from Om Shanti Om, nobody could ever match up to Reena Roy and yet we see Om Shanti Om Deepika completely owning that role . These actresses proved how an actor’s talent matters more than their appearance in carrying forward a character.

This goes to show how important matching an actor’s look to their role can go south if talented actors choose otherwise. What is your opinion regarding this topic? Anyone wants to add something?

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