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Name of Menstruation Tablet: This is actually the case for women aged 12 to 55 years. And regular and timely menstruation of an adult woman is a sign of good health. And if it becomes irregular, then it may mean that there is a physical problem.

What to do if not menstruating? And the name of the menstrual tablet

In fact, if one does not have menstruation from the scheduled time, i.e. exactly 28 days gap, then many women are worried. Because really not having period within a certain period becomes a serious matter to panic. Today we will know about the name of the tablet for menstruation and its remedy if there is no menstruation on time.

What causes late menstruation?

Many people are very worried about late menstruation. But do you know that there are many things associated with periods or menstruation? Everything from stress to the weather can affect your menstrual cycle. Normally every 27 to 36 days, a healthy and normal woman has her period.

Occurs in women aged 11 to 56 years. Regular and timely menstruation in an adult woman is a sign of very good health. But if it becomes irregular, then it means that there is a physical problem.

In that case, it should be looked at whether there is any disease in the body or whether there is any harmful habit of living. Many times there are many reasons behind period delay. Among them are pregnancy, age, stress, premature miscarriage, underweight, fibroids, and hormonal problems.

But if there is no reason behind your late period, then you should consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Reasons for not menstruating

There are several reasons behind the absence of periods in girls. Due to which menses may be temporarily stopped or delayed. For example-

Pregnancy: If you don't get your period after intercourse, first check if you are pregnant.

Age: Young and middle-aged girls may occasionally experience irregular periods due to hormonal problems.

Stress: Many people are likely to have late periods if they are under stress for a long time or if they are worried or worried about something.

Early Pregnancy Loss: A woman suddenly became pregnant after intercourse, but she did not know it. Then it can lead to miscarriage or abortion on its own. Then the period is many and a half. And in this case, there is a possibility of heavy bleeding after few days compared to menstruation. Many people think that it happened because of menarche.

Underweight: Physical weight loss or poor health may lead to missed periods. Menstruation may even be off for some days.

Hormonal birth control: Using different methods of birth control can lead to late periods. For example, the use of pills, patches, injections, IUDs, etc. can delay periods or periods.

Health problems: Many times periods are late due to various physical ailments. For example, such problems as mononucleosis, cold, flu, throat infection etc. can lead to late menstruation.

How to make menstruation regular

There is no reason to worry if your regular periods suddenly become irregular. Because there are some ways to make menstruation regular. You can get your period regular by following home remedies without going to the doctor first. If you don't have period, what should you eat or how to get period soon? So let's find out the ways-

1. exercise

Research shows that women who exercise regularly, have regular periods and do not have any menstrual problems. There are certain exercises for girls, if they do regular exercise after the end of menstruation, there is a possibility of getting menstruation at the right time.

2. Sour fruit

Girls are very fond of sour fruits. Irregular menstruation can be regular by eating sour fruits. There are many sour fruits such as tamarind, malta, olive etc. if consumed regularly, it helps in regular menstruation.

Another thing you can do is take a glass of water and mix sugar well in it, then soak tamarind in that water for an hour. Then mix salt, sugar and cumin powder well. Drink twice a day during irregular periods. It is very beneficial to regularize your irregular periods.

3. ginger

Ginger is the most effective to regularize irregular menstruation. The way to eat ginger is to boil water for 5-7 minutes with 1/2 teaspoon of ginger in 1 cup of water. Drink this water every day after three meals. If you drink it regularly for a month, your period will become regular.

4. the mole

Sesame will help you to regularize irregular periods. Sesame is a nutritious ingredient. The rule of eating sesame is that a small amount of sesame should be roasted and powdered. Then mix a spoonful of jaggery with it. Consume one teaspoon of this every morning on an empty stomach. You will see that your period is fixed.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial. Drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before eating every day. Vinegar reduces blood insulin and blood sugar, thus helping to lose excess weight and regular menstruation.

6. Healthy life

We all should live a healthy life.

But for women who are at the age of menopause or entering puberty, it is even more important for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Because girls can develop many diseases after puberty.

Remember! There is no reason to worry that menstruation may suddenly be late. But watch your period. If it is less than 9 times in a year or if the period is off for three months or if there is a gap of more than 35 days between one period and another period, definitely consult a doctor.

  What is the name of the menstrual tablet?

In fact, menstruation is a completely natural process, in which there is no human intervention. If there is no period, there is no permanent solution to taking medicine or artificially inducing or stopping menstruation. But if there is absolutely no way, then you can take special menstrual medicine.

Various companies have medicines for regular menstruation. 5mg menstrual regular tablets act on the natural hormones of our body and relieve those who have menstrual problems from irregular periods. Below are the names of regular menstrual tablets:

   Drug Name→Company→Price per piece

Normans →Renata →6 Taka

Ethinor → Eskayef →5 Taka

Feminor → Acme → 5 Taka

Menoral → Square →6.50 Taka

Mensil N→HealthCare→7.50 Taka

Remens →Popular →5 Taka

Menogia → ACI → 6 Taka

Norcolut →City Overseas →7.25 Taka

Norestin →Nuvista →6.84 Taka

Noteron → Incepta →5.5 Taka

  In what cases do menstrual tablets work?

   If you have irregular periods

  If there is too much bleeding

  Even breast pain, headache or mood swings

It can also be a case of breast cancer.

Doctors recommend taking this tablet 1 daily and taking it 3 times a day. In some cases it is advised to take it every 5 days and in some cases up to 1 week. But before consuming Zeno it must be consulted by a gynecologist or an experienced doctor.

Menstrual tablet name:

Menstruation is a problem for women, but it is also very annoying. Several studies have shown that women experience various menstrual problems during winter. Because this winter means festival. And so at this time of the end of the year, almost many people have different plans. So women prefer to avoid menstruation during this period due to weddings and picnics as well as other festivals.

  Therefore, many women take medicine to delay menstruation to get rid of this menstrual problem during these menstrual days. So in medical science this drug is called Period Delaying Tablets. This tendency appears in almost all girls especially before marriage.

  No one wants to compromise on the joy of going around for a little period every now and then. So many people want to know the name of the tablet for stopping menstruation. However, if one wants to, one can definitely take this medicine. But in that case you must consult a specialist doctor. But if one is in dire need then talk to the doctor first and buy and take the medicine as advised by him.

Phasic Pill: These pills are divided into two or three parts and each part has a different color that works differently for different hormones. Which is usually a 21-day course which is to be taken one at a time for 7 consecutive days. The rest of the medicines are as prescribed and exactly the same.

Mini Pill: These tablets contain Norethisterone. After taking one leaf you can take another leaf medicine from the next day without any gap. It is also very effective for postponing menstruation.

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  Differences with contraceptive pills

  Keep in mind that period delay pills and contraceptive pills are not the same thing. So delaying pills only delay periods for 17 days. And the contraceptive pill does not allow the egg to be released from the ovary. And so if you think that having sex without any protection and taking menstrual delay pills, don't think like that. But this medicine will not prevent you from getting pregnant.

When to eat tablets?

But you should buy this medicine only after consultation with the doctor. And for those who take hormones and thyroid medicines every day, you will know from the doctor how much this pill will work. So usually three days before the scheduled day of menstruation and three times this tablet should be taken.

One should be taken in the morning, one in the afternoon and one after eating at night. However, two tablets can never be eaten at the same time. If a tablet is forgotten in the morning, it cannot be taken again later or in the afternoon.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What to do if menstruation does not occur after intercourse

If you don't get your period after intercourse, you should first know if you are pregnant. For this you need to take a pregnancy test. You can take a pregnancy test at home if you want. For this, you can read the article on how to take a pregnancy test at home on our website.

If pregnancy comes positive then you are going to be a mother. It is normal for menses to stop after intercourse. And if the pregnancy is negative then wait for some time. If there is no period then you can take medicine and take doctor's advice.

If a positive pregnancy comes unintentionally

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