This web series crossed the limits of intimacy and bravery with Boudi by threatening to leak the video

This web series crossed the limits of intimacy and bravery with Boudi by threatening to leak the video

The lockdown imposed worldwide during the Corona period has changed the lifestyle of common people from all aspects. Along with that, the entertainment taste of common people has also changed.

Now, instead of going to the hall to watch movies, the audience prefers to be entertained in the corner of the house. So the web series was invented to capture the world of entertainment in the mobile phone.

  Currently, the popularity of web series in India is also high in India. Although these series have a variety of content, now the demand for sex-filled web series is very high.

Nowadays web series full of hot and bold scenes are in good demand on many platforms. In short, people's demand for prohibition is high now.

And among all the OTT platforms, there are several platforms where you can watch various bold web series. One of them is 'Ullu'. This OTT platform is now at the peak of popularity by producing content full of various hot and daring scenes.

Recently, the trailer of 'Rixawala Part-3' series was released as 'Ullu' originals. As the story of this series is laced with mystery, the scenario of the Aahar series is set with unrestrained forbidden romance and intimacy. At the beginning of this trailer, a rickshaw puller is seen blackmailing this woman.

The woman is the daughter-in-law of his former lover. The rickshaw puller then threatened her that if she didn't pay, he would make the video of his nuns go viral. But in the end, the matter was settled not in money, but in bed with the daughter-in-law. Then the story moves towards the climax.

This web series of drama and fantasy genre is full of intimate scenes. This third season is more exciting than the previous two seasons. Actress Manvi Chung is seen in an important role in this season.

Also actress Jini Judge is a main attraction of this film. In this film, these two heroines have poured spices together with their physical excitement. You can also watch this webseries if you have a subscription to the 'Ullu' application.


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