'World's slowest student' passes graduation after 54 years

'World's slowest student' passes graduation after 54 years

Arthur Ross received his bachelor's degree more than five decades after entering university. The 71-year-old man received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada last Thursday (May 26). And for this it took him 54 years. As a result, Arthur is now the slowest student in the world to achieve a university degree.

However, Guinness World Records currently holds the name of Robert FP Cronin as the student with the longest graduation. He began his bachelor's degree in biology at Princeton University in 1948 and graduated in 2000. But Arthur took more than two years.

In an interview given to the BBC, Arthur Ross said that he was first admitted to UBC in 1969. But could not concentrate on studies. Instead, he got involved with the theater club on campus. Understandably, he has a different passion for acting.

After only two years at UBC, Arthur decided to change courses and move to Montreal, where he began studying at the National Theater School. There Arthur finished his studies and got his certificate. But he soon realized that he did not want to pursue a career in acting.

'World's slowest student' passes graduation after 54 years

Arthur says, I'm undecided, well, maybe I should be a lawyer.

Arthur Ross then returned to UBC and studied for another year, in order to enter the law school after completing the three-year course. He attended law school at the University of Toronto.

After that, Arthur was in the legal profession for 35 consecutive years. He retired from this profession in 2016. Then suddenly it seems necessary to finish the bachelor's degree that was started five decades ago. Accordingly, in 2017, he started studying again as a part-time student in history. Finally, he completed his graduation.

'World's slowest student' passes graduation after 54 years

However, Arthur Ross did not study so far hoping to write his name in the record books. He said, there was no rush to set a world record. The real reward is gaining knowledge, which I have gained by attending many classes.

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