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1 lakh chatgpt user data alleged to be sold on 'dark web'

1 lakh chatgpt user data alleged to be sold on 'dark web'

It has been revealed that the information of 1 lakh users of the popular open AI developed chat GPT has been leaked. This information is being sold on the dark web.

A cyber security company in Singapore reported this information. According to them, most of the leaked information was of Indian and Pakistani users.

'ChatGPT' chatbot can answer questions. Can write articles, social media posts, essays, code or e-mails. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based computer program designed to communicate with people on the Internet in human language.

The Singapore-based cyber security firm said it has come to know about 1,01,134 'ChatGPT' users' information being sold on the 'dark web'. The 'dark web' is the part of the internet outside of the internet in the hands of ordinary users. Do not do illegal activities using this net.

India and Pakistan are at the top in terms of customer data leaks. Information of 12,632 customers in India and 9,217 in Pakistan has been leaked. The third country in the list is Brazil. Information of 6,531 customers of that country was leaked. They also claim that most of the customer data is traded in the Asia-Pacific region.



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