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AI will write your email, but how?

 AI will write your email, but how?

AI is being integrated into everyday tools in some way every day. Essays, letters, resumes created using generative AI technologies like ChatGPT are nothing new. Gmail has brought new news. This time Google brought AI to write emails.

At Google's annual I/O conference in May, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new generative AI technology called 'Help Me Write', through which an entire email can be written with just a few instructions or 'prompts' in the new message window.

Which means that the message written by going to another app or website with a prompt no longer needs to be copied and pasted in the message window, the AI tool will write it directly in the message window.

But how to use 'Help Me Write'?

1. Sign up for Google Workspace Labs

Customers registered in the Workspace Labs program can use the Help Me Write feature on Android and iOS platforms.

If you have not signed up yet, click on to add your name to the Google Workspace waiting list. And if there is no waiting list then you can apply directly.

If you're already signed up to Workspace Labs, you can use the Help Me Write feature by logging in directly to your Gmail account.

2. Go to the Gmail app and open New Message

Go to the Gmail app on your mobile and click the New Message button.

3. Tap 'Help Me Write'

Clicking on the 'Help Me Write' button at the bottom right of the screen will bring up the generative AI tool to write your email.

4. Give 'instructions'

In this step give the AI bot your desired mail instructions/prompts, which need not be very large in size. However, giving relevant information like date, amount of money, address, name of the organization can get good results.

5. Share your experience or write a new one (optional)

You can tell how the mail generated by AI bot is according to your request and whether it worked for you or not by thumb up or thumb down symbol. If you want to change the text, you can tap the round 'Regenerate' button on the screen and rewrite it.

Otherwise you can go to the next step.

6. Check the draft and send your mail

You can change the language of the draft written by Gmail, add linguistic embellishments if necessary, or change it to a more personal conversation.

You will need to provide yourself with the content and recipient address of the mail to send it after editing, as Help Me Write will not handle these two parts.


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