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ChatGPT is difficult for doctors, what is the matter?

ChatGPT is difficult for doctors, what is the matter?

 Doctors always try to cure patients. But not always successful. Sometimes the patient's family has to break the bad news, which is difficult for the doctors. Doctors are taking help of AI chatbot ChatGPT for similar situations.

According to a report in The New York Times, it gained popularity after its release in November. Nowadays doctors are also using these AI-powered chatbots. But how?

  Through this, the doctors are conveying the bad news to the patient's family with sympathy. ChatGPT has become a tool not only to deliver bad news but also to connect better with patients.

It is reported that some doctors started using the chatbot ChatGPT within 72 hours of its release. Researchers at the University of California have also studied this issue. It turns out that chatbot responses are not only higher quality but also more empathetic from doctors.

In 78.6 percent of the 585 scenarios presented during the study, medical experts preferred the AI chatbot's response to that of the physician. That is why doctors have decided to use ChatGPT in difficult situations.



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