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How many views on YouTube how much money is earned?

 How many views on YouTube how much money is earned?

People who create content for the Internet earn the most on YouTube. It is easy to earn by uploading videos on this popular medium of video sharing. Recently, YouTube announced that even with only 500 subscribers, the channel can be monetized.

Revenue from YouTube depends entirely on viewers. That is, the more ads views, the more income. There is also income in Implications. But that is less.

Those who are planning to open a YouTube channel can have only one question in their mind, how many people watch and how to earn? But the exact figure of income is unknown to many. Meanwhile YouTubers also do not want to make their income figures public. Many people don't know how many views they earn.

Viewers are left in a fog as to how much money can be earned from YouTube. In fact, according to YouTube's algorithm, it is possible to earn from YouTube only after the number of views reaches a thousand. But to earn well, you need to have at least one lakh views.

YouTube earns $1 to $25 per thousand views. But the average income is 14 dollars. Now the question is, why is the amount of income not equal? In fact, the income depends on what kind of ads are coming in YouTube videos. If a good or expensive brand ads are shown, it can earn much more than other ads.


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