Israel to install new fiber optic connection

 Israel to install new fiber optic connection

Israel will lay 254 kilometers or 158 miles of fiber optic cable between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. This initiative has been taken to create continuous connection with Europe, Gulf and Asian countries, said the Ministry of Finance of the country. News Reuters.

There is a fuel oil pipeline from the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to Eilat on the Red Sea. State-owned energy group EAPC will lay the fiber optic cable following the pipeline, the statement said. Regarding this project, EAPC chief executive Itzik Levy said, "through this, Israel will work as one of the means to establish communication with the Gulf countries, Asia and Europe."

  According to the ministry, the fiber optic will be connected to the submarine cable off the coast of Israel. Besides, any authorized telecom company that has a lease in the country for 25 years can use this connection. EAPC or Europe Asia Pipeline Company promotes their pipeline instead of Suez Canal.

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