Tamannaah has a different tone about marriage when she confesses her love

 Tamannaah has a different tone about marriage when she confesses her love

Tamannaah Bhatia is a popular South Indian actress. Bollywood has been abuzz with rumors of his love since late last year. Bollywood actor Vijay Barma of 'Gali Boy' fame is having a romantic relationship with southern actress Tamannaah, it was heard in Balipara. From the airport to the red carpet of the awards ceremony – they have been spotted together at several places. Finally the couple admitted the matter of love. So what is soon becoming one? What did Tamanna say?

Vijay and Tamannaah fell in love with each other while working together on the sets of 'Last Stories 2'. 'Last Stories 2' is going to be released on the OTT platform very soon. Before that, the pair is seen together in promotions. Tamannaah is also working on a web series called 'Zee Karba'. Bijay's lover has a different tone when asking questions about marriage.

In Tamanna's words, “Marriage is a big thing. Many responsibilities, many arrangements. When you think about the world, a thousand topics like petting a dog, planting a tree or raising a child come to mind.

Tamannaah is steadfast in her decision despite the sound of marriage bells ringing in Mayanagari. According to him, "Just because everyone is getting married doesn't mean I have to do it too." When we think the time is right, we should do it—then we will.”

In 'Last Stories 2', Tamanna acted in a story by Bengali director Sujoy Ghosh. Opposite her is her beloved boyfriend and Bollywood actor Vijay Barma. She was seen in an intimate relationship with Jhal Vijay during the promotion of the series. That picture was spread on social media pages. Tamannaah or not kiss on screen? So what is it? Such sarcasm was coming! The heroine answered it herself.

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