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The country where the real world beauties live, the country where the most beautiful girls live

The country where the real world beauties live, the country where the most beautiful girls live


The country where the real world beauties live, the country where the most beautiful girls live

Miss World is selected through competitions from different countries of the world. But they can also be defeated by the beauties of a mountain valley in Pakistan.

The inhabitants of the Hunza Valley in the autonomous region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan are not only handsome and beautiful, but also long-lived. On average, the inhabitants of this valley live more than a hundred years.

They are called 'Hunja community' as they live in Hunza valley.

Hunza Valley is located in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. This valley is full of natural resources. At the same time the Hunza community is also famous for their several virtues.

The Hunza are the only people in the world who live an average of over 100 years. There is no sign of their age anywhere in body-face-work. While the average life expectancy of women in other countries of the world is only 60 years, the average life expectancy of women in Hunza is 160 years. The 65-year-old women there look like 30-year-old young women. Hunza women can give birth even at the age of 70. It seems impossible but it is true.

Everyone is interested to know what is the main secret behind their longevity and eternal youth. There has been a lot of research on this.

According to the data found in the study, they are used to living a routine life. They eat only two meals a day and do a lot of physical work. They drink fruit juice regularly. Most of them are vegetarians.

Most of their diet consists of cheese-nut-milk and other dairy products. They eat breakfast after waking up and dinner after sunset. They don't eat anything else.

Hunza community is very friendly. There is always a smile on their lips. They are considered by many historians to be part of Alexander's lineage.

Many experts consider the role of apricots in keeping Hunzad healthy and fresh.

Regarding the glow of their skin, researchers say bathing in glacial melt water and drinking it is one of the reasons.

Experts say there are several other reasons for glowing skin. That is, after heating a glass of ice water and mixing it with the leaves of a type of plant called Tumur, they drink herbal tea. The beauty of Hunza girls begins to blossom from childhood.

Not only are they the best in beauty and wellness; They are also very advanced in the field of education. Their education rate is more than 90 percent. So it would be wrong to think of them as fools; Rather, they are ahead of many developed countries in terms of education-behavior or civilization-culture.

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