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The director leaders stopped the shooting of Jeba

The director leaders stopped the shooting of Jeba

Actress Zeba Jannat's shooting has been stopped by the leaders of Directors Guilds, the association of television drama producers. Jeba Jannat was shooting the drama in Jigatala area of Dhanmondi in the capital today. At that time, a group of 10-12 members of the organization arrived at the shooting site and stopped the shooting.

General Secretary Kamruzzaman Sagar was also in this group.

Sagar was called several times for a statement, but he did not pick up.

This matter is confirmed by Zeba Jannat. He said, "10 people from director guilds came and stopped our shooting. They stayed here.

Stayed for four or five hours. Our director also banned Azizul Haque from shooting. They sit here and smoke bidis and then leave. We have wasted a lot of time.

We have shot again.'

Jeba reported the matter to Abhinay Shilpi Sangh. "I have informed the organization (Abhinaya Shilpi Sangh)," he said, stating that they had decided to continue shooting. They asked me to continue shooting. My shooting will continue.


The Directors Guild of Television Drama Producers has banned rising actress Jeba Jannat for non-cooperation and misconduct. This information was informed in a statement of the guild. In view of this complaint, the organization has banned Jeba Jannat since June 20. But Jeba continued shooting. 

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