The information about iPhone 15 is known

The information about iPhone 15 is known

In keeping with the technology, Apple is bringing new features to their new phones. Like every year, this year also before the release of the new iPhone 15 series of phones, there are various questions in the minds of the users.

Will iPhone 15 have a USB C port, how much will it cost, will its name be iPhone 15e? Although no one outside of Apple can guarantee this, some reports suggest what the iPhone 15 series will look like. Let's take a closer look at the iPhone 15 as reported so far.

Wireless charging upgrade

According to Charger Lab's report, all iPhone 15 models will support Qi2 open standard 15W wireless charging. If their report turns out to be true, then something great will happen in the world of iPhone wireless charging.

Periscope style telephoto lens

According to experts, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a periscope-style telephoto lens. Higher optical zoom levels can be used with these telephoto lenses. Apple Observer Ming Shi Kuu claims that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be able to use 6x optical zoom. iPhone 14 Pro Max, the current most upgraded smartphone, uses 3x optical zoom, which is 7x less than their main rival Samsung's S22 Ultra, so it is believed that Apple will use this lens in their new phone.

Goodbye to Lightning Port

As a result of pressure from the European Union, Apple is finally going to stop using the Lightning port from their phones. In order for Apple to sell phones in Europe, they must use USB-C cables instead of Lightning cables. The big question now is whether Apple will only move the Lightning cable to their phones for Europe or will they use USB-C cables instead of Lightning cables everywhere else. Apple has already made different models for their iPhone 14 depending on the location. For example, the American version of their iPhone 14 uses an electronic SIM while all other variants have a SIM slot.

Dynamic Island on all models

Apple is expected to sell four models of its 15 series phones. Various newspapers have reported that all four of their phones may come with a similar design. At the same time, all four of their phones can have dynamic island displays.

Increased RAM on the Pro model

According to Taiwan-based research firm TrendForce, iPhone 15 Pro models may use 8 GB of RAM instead of 6 GB. Although the base model will use 6 GB of RAM.

iPhone 15 series price

Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the price of the iPhone has gradually increased. It is believed that the price of all phones of the iPhone 15 series can range from 829 dollars to 1599 dollars depending on the model.

iPhone has become so popular among people in today's world that people eagerly wait to buy their new model phone.


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