What 'scared' Honey Singh said after receiving death threats

 What 'scared' Honey Singh said after receiving death threats

Popular Indian rapper Honey Singh has received death threats. Members of Canada-based gangster Goldie Brara made the threat over the phone. In a recent interview, rap star Honey Singh made such a complaint.

According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, according to the words of Honey Singh, "I have been threatened to kill." Goldie Brarer allegedly threatened to kill me and my staff over the phone. I am seeking security from the police commissioner sir and demand an inquiry into the matter. I am afraid of this matter.

When asked for details about the threat, Honey Singh said, "It is forbidden to talk more about it." Because the incident is under investigation. I got a call from an international number. Some of the callers have voice recordings. I have all the evidence. This is the first time this has happened to me. People have always loved me, threatened to kill me for the first time in my life. My family is also scared. Who is not afraid of death?'

Honey Singh is Bollywood's popular singer. He had a great time in his music career. But mental depression, drug addiction causes a fall in this rhythm. Honey Singh was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He had to stay in a rehab center away from the glitter of the silver world. All in all, this artist famous for 'Lungi Dance' has struggled hard for the last few years.

The loss has taken a toll on his personal life outside of his career. The popular rapper officially divorced his wife Shalini Talwar last year. Then he got involved with model-actress Tina Thadani. Rumors have been flying for some days, this relationship has also broken with Hani.

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