WhatsApp will automatically silence unknown calls

 WhatsApp will automatically silence unknown calls

WhatsApp has brought a new update. User can take measures so that unexpected phone calls do not cause annoyance. The feature added in the new update will stop ringing of unknown calls. This is what the messaging platform said in a recent statement.

The new feature is called 'Silence Unknown Callers'. Through this the call ringtone will not be played if someone calls from unknown. However, the caller's name will be added to the incoming call list. If important, callbacks can be made at any time later. WhatsApp believes the feature will bring relief to privacy-conscious users. WhatsApp has been working on privacy for quite some time. As a result, the feature came forward.

In this case, enter the platform and go to the privacy settings option. After selecting 'Start Checkup', several options will appear with several levels of security features to protect the privacy of messages, calls and personal information. User can select any option from there.

WhatsApp recently released a new video on the importance of communicating with friends. The chat lock feature was added last month. However, many criticized it after its release. But WhatsApp wants to continue the process of establishing comfort among users about the privacy policy.

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