Will the song created by AI get an award? What does the Grammy say?

Will the song created by AI get an award? What does the Grammy say?

New genres of music are constantly coming, winning the hearts of the audience. The Recording Academy, the organization that organizes the awards, has to review the criteria and policies of the Grammy Awards every year for various reasons, including the emergence of popular new genres.

The question this time, will the song created by AI be considered for the award? Who will get the prize?

Generative AI has made its way into many fields of creativity, including music. Artists can create entire songs using the technology.

With the help of AI, two popular artists of today 'The Weeknd' and 'Drake' have already created songs. When these songs went viral a couple of months ago, everyone in the music industry was shaken. Technology can no longer be ignored.

Added to this were copyright complications, especially when artists such as The Weeknd and Drake made it clear that their vocals could not be reused in any new songs from the song.

Many artists are using AI technology in their music. For example, the Beatles' last song to be released. It used artificial intelligence technology to extract John Lennon's voice from old unreleased recordings.

Now the question is what will be the judgment of these songs according to the standards and principles of the Grammy Awards?

What does the Recording Academy say?

The 2024 Grammy Awards rules state that "only human artists shall be considered eligible to submit, be selected, nominated and win songs for the Grammy Awards."

This means that the AI will not be recognized as an artist. So, AI-created songs will not be recognized as works of art?

The answer is, you will. AI-generated songs or content can be submitted for Grammy nominations, but the human artist behind it will be considered for the award.

And, if the work has absolutely no human input, created entirely by AI, it will not be considered for the Grammys.

Not only that, for a song to get a nomination in the songwriting and music performance category, most of it has to be human-made, said a report by ZDNews.

As the influence of AI in the music world grows day by day, the Recording Academy's policies are expected to evolve in the future, the report said, perhaps one day rewarding AI technology as well. 

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