3 ways to increase phone speed

 3 ways to increase phone speed

There are many reasons why smartphones slow down. Especially if the phone is a bit older, the speed slows down. Again, many times it is seen that the new phone has become slow, sometimes there are cases of hanging. So no work can be done properly on the phone.

But the first thing we do when the phone is slow is to empty the cache memory of the phone. Clearing the cache all the time does not increase the speed of the phone.

Let's know how to speed up phone without freeing up memory-

>> Update the phone first. It needs to be updated for the phone to work properly. Update your phone regularly with the latest firmware. With the new operating system upgrade to Android, the phone not only gets new features, it also starts running very fast. So you have to update your phone regularly with time.

>> Remove all unnecessary and old apps from the phone. Many types of phone problems can be solved in this one way. Almost every app installed on everyone's phone consumes the phone's memory and some of its processors run in the background. So delete the apps which are not used from the phone. Also update the apps you use regularly.

>> Many people use live wallpaper on phone. It also happens that whenever someone turns on their phone screen, the live wallpaper turns on automatically. This live wallpaper is not good for phone performance. It slows down the phone.

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