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Breast cancer causes, symptoms and treatment, Stomach cancer symptoms and remedies, Breast cancer symptoms and remedies, Why does breast cancer occur?

 Young Women's In The Breast Of Cancer Signs Significance

The Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer) Is The Most More See Goes 15 From 39 Year Aged Women's In _ This Cancer Resistance To Do Goes No Right However The Breast Of Cancer Due To Death Prevention To Do Goes _ The Breast Of Cancer Due To Death Prevention To Do The Way Hall The First On Stage To This Detect To Do And Correct Treatment To Make


The Breast Cancer The First Towards Detect If You Do Why That Help Do _

Scientists According To The Breast Of Cancer The Most Good Treatment Possible If This The First Towards Caught Read _ Because This Stage Tumors Are Too _ _ Small Is And Cancer Usually Other In The Body Spread Out Read No _



Who The Breast Cancer To Be Of Risk In Are There


·        Older Woman

·        Whose The Breast Of Cancer Family History There Is

·        Which The Women The Child Chest The Milk Drink Did Not

·        Named BRCA-1, BRCA-2 Gene's Of Mutation Due To

·        Little At Age Monthly Start To Be

·        Late Monthly Off To Be

·        Drinking If You Do

·        Of The Breast Something Illness Such As Atypical Ductal Or Lobular Hyperplasia

·        Other Any Cancer Eg - Colon , Ovary Cancer If _



Young Women's In The Breast Of Cancer Primary Symptoms What What _

Primary Stage The Breast Of Cancer The Most General Symptoms (Breast Cancer Symptoms) Are As Follows ( Note : This Of Symptoms Presence Only Your Cancer There Is That's Why No , You If Of In That Any Aim Do However Late No By Doing Doctor's With Advice Do ):


·        In The Breast Or In The Armpit The Lump Or Lump

·        Of Breast Of Leather The Color Change To Be Or The Skin Thick To Be ( Oranges Peel Off Like )

·        With The Nipple The Blood Or Pus To Read

·        The Whole The Breast Or Of The Breast A The Part In The Flower To Go

·        Of The Breast Size Or In Shape Change

·        Itchy Nipples _ Or The Pain

·        Of The Breast The Skin Unusual In The Crotch To Go

·        At The Breast The Wheel See Given _

·        Nipple Or Of The Breast Drop Inside Will Give To Go






Primary Stage Caught If Read Percentage 90 - 95 Share The Patient Healthy To Be The Dream To See Can _ A Of Cancer Treatment Mainly In Parts Split -


·       Surgery

·       Chemotherapy

·       Radiotherapy

·       Hormones Therapy 

·       Targeted Therapy .



The Breast Of Cancer Surgery / Surgery


Of The Breast Tumor Removal Of For A Lot Kind Of Surgery To Do To Go Can , Whose In Contains -


* Lumpectomy : Tumor And Around Something Tissue Remove To Do Is _


* Mastectomy : In This Case The Whole The Breast Remove To Do Is _ Double Mastectomy Means Both The Breast Remove _


* Sentinel Node Biopsy : Of The Breast Tumor From A Few Lymph Node Cut Of Examination For Sent Is _ If Of Cancer Report Negative Yes , Lymph Node Removal Of For No Of Surgery Need Is No _


* Axillary Lymph Node Operation : If Sentinel Node Of Biopsy The Time Removed Lymph At The Nodes Cancer Caught Read , Doctor Extra Lymph The Nodes Remove To Do Can _


* Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy : A In The Breast Cancer Caught Even If Read Something In Case Healthy Breast Too Removed To Take Is _


* Radiation Therapy : A Method High Powerful Radiation Ray Cancer The Cells Aim By Doing Inactive To Do Through Destruction To Do Is _ A In Treatment Usually A Big Machine Use To Do Is _


Radiotherapy The Breast Of Cancer



A Method Of The Body Inside From Cancer Removal Of For Use To Do Is _ In This Of The Tumor Of Place Near Of The Body Inside Little Of Time For Radioactive The Seed Placing Is And Like This Cancer Cells Destruction To Do Is _


Chemotherapy The Breast Of Cancer


A Method Cancer Cells Destruction To Do For Specific Something Medicine Use To Do Is _ A Treatment Often Cancer Removal Of For Of Surgery With Used Is _ Cancer The Cells Shrink To Do For Of Surgery Before Chemotherapy To Do To Go Can , So That Later On Of Surgery Through They Are Easily Remove To Do Goes _


Hormones Therapy The Breast Of Cancer


Hormones Therapy Or Hormone - Blocking Therapy That The Breast Of Cancer In Treatment Used Is Which Of Hormones Per Sensitive _ Hormones Therapy Estrogen And Progesterone ( In Women). Sex (Hormone ) Production Or Cancer Of Cells Hormones In Receptors Something Medicine Use By Doing Block To Do Help Do _ A Method Treatment Of Cancer Growth Slow Or Off To Do Help Do _


Targeted Therapy The Breast Of Cancer


A Method In Treatment Specific Something Medicine Cancer Cells Destruction To Do Help Do _


Immuno Therapy The Breast Of Cancer



Special In Case Of Cancer Against Fight To Do For Of The Body Disease Resistance To The System Use To Do Is _ Cancer Cells Protein Made Up By Doing Which Of The Body Disease Resistance To The System Weak By Doing Gives And The Body Of Cancer Against In The Fight Barrier Gives _ A Kind Of To Treatment Immunotherapy Says _


Cancer Resistance Breast Cancer Screening Is Essential For Cancer Experts With Meeting _ By Doing A Regarding Everyone To Know Should And Of This Program Under To Come Should _ Then Primary Stage Disease Caught Will Read And The Patient Quickly Healthy Will Be Our Orderly Way Of Life And Of Life Something Change If ( Which Cancer Of Disease Because ) A Of Disease Outbreak To A Large Extent Less Will Come And Our In Society Healthy - Beautiful Of Life Entitled To Of People Location Strong Will Be



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