Criticism on Salman, cigarette in hand

Criticism on Salman, cigarette in hand

Salman Khan is seen with a cigarette in his hand while hosting an episode of the second season of 'Bigg Boss OTT'. Bollywood Bhaijaan has come under criticism.

A few days ago, he questioned the 'morality' of the contestants in several incidents that happened on the show. He even threatened to quit the show.

According to News Eight, Salman was seen with a lit cigarette in the weekly special episode 'Weekend Ka Baar' on Saturday night. After that picture and video of Bhaijaan went viral instantly.

Many people are angry with this act of Salman. A question to Salman, what message are you giving to the new generation? What will they learn from you?

One said, a week ago you questioned Akanksha Puri, Jaad Hadid's family education culture, and now you are hosting the show with a cigarette in your hand. What kind of behavior is it?

One of them said to Salmon, "Be nice to those you give knowledge to, at least in front of them." Correct yourself before imparting knowledge to others.

Last week Bigg Boss: OTT season 2 two contestants Akanksha Puri and Jaad Hadid kissed each other. And there was no limit to Salman's annoyance with this.

He made it clear that he will leave the show if the same incident happens again in the Bigg Boss house. Not just lust and desire, contestant Babyka also came under fire from Salman for using 'indecent' language.

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