How to understand breast cancer?, Who is at risk of breast cancer?, If you see these symptoms, be careful of breast cancer!

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Symptoms of breast cancer in young women – Significance
Breast cancer is most common in women aged 15 to 39 years. Although this cancer cannot be prevented, death due to breast cancer can be prevented. The way to prevent death due to breast cancer is to detect it in the early stages and get the right treatment.

Why does early detection of breast cancer help?
According to scientists, breast cancer is best treated if it is caught early. This is because the tumors at this stage are very small and the cancer usually has not spread to other organs.

Who is at risk of developing breast cancer?

• Older women
• Those with a family history of breast cancer
• Women who have not breastfed their babies
• Due to mutations in genes called BRCA-1, BRCA-2
• Early onset of menstruation
• Late cessation of menstruation
• If you drink alcohol
• Certain breast diseases such as atypical ductal or lobular hyperplasia
• Any other cancer such as colon, ovarian cancer.

What are the early symptoms of breast cancer in young women?
The most common symptoms of breast cancer in the early stages are as follows (note: the presence of these symptoms does not mean that you have cancer, if you notice any of them, consult a doctor without delay):

• Lump or lump in the breast or armpit
• Breast skin discoloration or thickening of the skin. (like an orange peel)
• Bleeding or pus from the nipple
• Swelling of the whole breast or a part of the breast
• Changes in breast size or shape
• Itching or sore nipples
• Abnormal wrinkling of breast skin
• Appearance of wheel in breast.
• Nipple insertion.

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