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Meta's new Threads app has come to compete with Twitter

Meta's new Threads app has come to compete with Twitter

Instagram's Threads app is a text-based social media platform that debuted as a competitor to Twitter. It is currently available in over 100 countries.

A day before the release of this app, users were able to signup directly from their Instagram accounts. This means that more than two billion monthly active users will be able to import their accounts into the Threads app after its global launch.

A spokesperson for the Threads app said more than 10 million sign-ups were completed within seven hours of the app's launch. Among them, big celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gordon Ramsay, Tom Brady and Coldplay have signed up.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on their new platform that he expects Threads to have more than a billion users. He also shared a popular Spiderman meme as his first post on Twitter in over a decade. which expresses the compatibility of Threads with Twitter through memes.

The app opens as a scrollable feed of short text limited to 500 characters per post, with the ability to add individual photos and videos. This app will recommend posts from accounts users follow and some posts through this app's own algorithm.

Users can like, comment and share posts as well as place them in their Instagram stories or feed. Most of the features of the Instagram Threads app are similar to those of Twitter and its user interface is similar to that of Instagram. Where heart, comment and share three icons are placed in the same way.

Once logged into this app, new users who have an Instagram account are asked to keep the same username. But they can write their own bio differently if they wish. Verified Instagram users can also use their check mark in the Threads app.

Later, users will be able to follow all the accounts they follow on Instagram simultaneously in the Threads app. Even if none of them have started the Thread app, their account will already be followed. Besides, users can also automatically block accounts that have already been blocked on Instagram

Recently the Twitter app has been pushing the limit on how users can view tweets. Where all Twitter users with verified accounts are given a fixed limit of tweet views per day. This creates a negative attitude among Twitter users. At such an opportune time, Instagram has entered into direct competition with Twitter by launching their new app. 


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