This web series of Ullu will put you to shame, Rajsi Varma has such scenes

This web series of Ullu will put you to shame, Rajsi Varma has such scenes

Currently Ullu application has become a popular web media platform in India. You can watch the best web series and various content on this platform. There are some wonderful adventure web series on this platform. Ullu is now a very attractive platform for people of all ages. All these web series might make you crazy too. Today we are going to discuss about one such new web series of this web platform.

This new web series is called Sautela Pyaar. Nowadays this web series has become very popular among all the people. This web series stars Rajsree Varma in the lead role and he has given some bold scenes that will make you go crazy. The actress has crossed all limits of her bravery in this web series. Seeing all these scenes of the actress, many people are showing interest to watch this new web series.

Talking about the story, this story is based on erotic romance. It shows that actress Rajsree Varma is a widow. She suddenly falls in love with a person after leaving her beloved person for a long time. She married that person to spend the rest of her life happily in love. Then when he came home as a new wife, he found that the man had a son.

At first, they were on good terms and had a good time. Later one day the man went out of the house for his work and had a problem with his married wife. Taking this opportunity, the man's son became physically involved with his new stepmother. This web series has bold bed scenes at almost every moment that will make you cringe. 

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