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Ugly fight over Eid movie, Faruqi regrets

Ugly fight over Eid movie, Faruqi regrets

Five new movies have been released on the occasion of Eid. Among these, three movies are being discussed and criticized more. These are 'Tunnel', 'Priyatma' and 'Prahelika'. However, there is a war going on between the audience and the stakeholders around the first two movies! Both sides are drowning the other side in a stream of nasty attacks while asserting their superiority. Not only the general audience, but the makers-producers-artists of the movie themselves are involved in this fight!

After many days, the theaters of the country have come down. Everyone should be happy in such a situation. Plans for the future should be arranged with new enthusiasm. But everyone is down to throw mud! This is exactly why the mind-boggling producer Mustafa Sarayer Farooqui.

On Monday (July 10), Faruqi said in a message on his social media handle, "This Eid, people have gone to the hall, there have been discussions about three films." Some may like it, some may not. Some like it, others don't. But the people going to the hall - this thing was supposed to be celebrated. But we have brought the whole thing down to the level of our national politics. It was very sad.

Expressing his regret, Farooqui said, "Instead of celebrating our own success, we saw a desperate attempt to pull others down!" It's not that it just started. For several years now, this has been happening with OTT-centric campaigns too! A concerted effort to prove that I am the best by dismissing others! Just as there is no rule to allow hundreds of flowers to bloom in our national politics, if we import it in cinema-OTT too, there will be nothing more sad than this.

Finally, in a tone of advice, the 'Dub' maker said, 'Remember, brothers and sisters, only we and uncles will not make an industry together. Everyone will do it together. You have to give others a place to stand next to you.

It should be noted that Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza acted in the movie 'Suranga' directed by Raihan Rafi. Shakib Khan and Idhika Pal star in 'Priyatma' produced by Himel Ashraf. Mahfuz Ahmed and Shabnam Bubli have paired up in the movie 'Prahelika' directed by Chayanika Chowdhury. The other two Eid movies are Saikat Nasir's 'Casino' and Bandhan Biswas' 'Lal Saree'.

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