What is digital computer?, How many types and what is digital computer, History of digital computer

What is digital computer?, How many types and what is digital computer, History of digital computer,

 Computer is more or less known to all of us. From the structural point of view, computers are divided into three categories, analog computers, digital computers and hybrid computers. So today's article is about digital computers.

What is a digital computer?  What are the types of digital computers?

Digital Computer in bangla

So if you don't know much about digital computer then this article is for you, today's blog post what is digital computer ( what is digital computer in Bangla ) |  Types  of digital computers I will discuss the features of digital computer etc.

Without further ado, let's find out what digital computer means .

What is a digital computer? Digital computer meaning in Bengali 

A digital computer is a type of electrical device that can input data, and process that data to provide output through an output device .

Binary number system is used for any type of calculation in these computers. These binary numbers are 0 and 1

Binary numbers 0 means low division and 1 means high division. Also, binary numbers 0 and 1 are sometimes denoted as off and on.

The input we give to the computer, the computer converts the inputted data into 0 and 1 i.e. binary language, then processes the data and outputs it in our language.

What is digital computer? What is digital computer in Bengali 

Computers that work with digital signals or digital information are called digital computers. 

These computers are used to get precise and accurate results, nowadays these computers are most used. Mostly use it as a personal computer.

Examples of digital computers

Examples of digital computers are devices such as desktops, laptops , smartphones, digital cameras, digital watches, calculators, etc.

Each of them takes input into a binary system and gives us output.

History of Digital Computer | History of digital computer 

In the early 1940s, with the help of John V. Atanasoff and one of his students  , Clifford Edward Berry  , he built the ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer), the first electronic digital computer. He developed digital computers using the binary system for calculating arithmetic numbers.

Then gradually more advanced digital computers started to be made. The most commonly used computer today is the digital computer.

What are the types of digital computers? Types of digital computer 

Based on the size and type of device, digital computers are mainly divided into four categories which are discussed in detail below.

            1. Microcomputer

            2. Minicomputer

            3. Mainframe computer

            4. Supercomputer

Let's get to know each of these parts better. 

1. Microcomputer: 

A microcomputer is a type of electronic device that contains a microprocessor that acts as a central processing unit (cpu).

It is generally made for the use of one person ie we use it as a personal computer. Examples of microcomputers are smart phones, laptops etc

2. Minicomputer: 

A mini computer is a type of computer that has all the features of a full-sized computer but is much smaller in size. Mini computer is also called mid range computer.

Mini computers were introduced in the mid-1960s. 

These computers are generally used for scientific and engineering work, business transaction processing, file handling and database management. 

Examples of mini computers are  IBM's AS/400e, Honeywell200, TI-990 etc.

3. Mainframe computer: 

These computers are very large and can process large amounts of data at high speeds.

Mainframe computers have a lot of memory and processors, so they can do a lot of calculations quickly. Big companies use these computers for business transactions.

Some examples of mainframe computers are IBM Z15, IBM Z14,  NCR N 8370 , System z9 etc.

4. Supercomputer: 

Supercomputers are expensive and extremely fast computers, these computers are very large in size. With the help of this computer, many tasks can be done quickly at the same time.

These types of computers  are used in scientific research, administrative activities, research and development etc.

Characteristics of digital computer

 Digital computers have many advantages or features which are discussed below.

• The storage capacity of digital computer is very high, a lot of data can be stored here.

• The speed of this computer is very high. Can provide output to user very quickly.  

• Multitasking is possible on a digital computer  i.e. many types of work can be done efficiently at the same time.

• Digital-computer is very easy to use, no special training is required to use it.

• This computer has a reputation for working accurately.

• With the help of this computer, multi-tasking can be done without human interface, for example, if I give permission to the printer to print 50 from the computer, then the computer will continue its work until it prints 50, it will not stop printing.

• Digital computer works based on binary numbers 0 and 1.

Advantages of using digital computers 

• Such computers are used for calculations in schools, colleges, offices, small and large factories.

• The storage capacity of this computer is large, it is possible to store data such as photos, videos, files, documents, etc.

• The processing power of this computer is very high, it can perform calculations at very fast speed.

• Digital computers are used to operate automatic machines in various types of factories and industries.

• Digital computers are used in video editing, photo editing, song recording etc.

•  Digital computer  is relatively easy to use.

Disadvantages of digital computers

• Consumes more electrical power than analog computers.

• Digital circuits are sometimes quite expensive.

• Digital computer circuits are very fragile i.e. easily broken, resulting in data loss or alteration. 

So friends, in today's article  ,  I have discussed in detail about digital computers, such as, what is digital computer Who is the father of digital computer  ?  How digital computers work  Use of digital computer  etc

What do you think of today's article about digital computer? You can definitely share your opinion in the comment box below. Thank you.

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