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What is hybrid computer?, hybrid features and types of hybrid computer, who invented hybrid computer


What is hybrid computer?, hybrid features and types of hybrid computer, who invented hybrid computer?,

On the basis of size, shape and data handling capabilities, computers are divided into three categories: analog computers, digital computers and hybrid computers.

 We have discussed in detail  what are analog computers  and  what are digital computers in the previous article  .

So today's hot topic is hybrid computer. If you don't know much about hybrid computers then today's article is for you.

What is a hybrid computer?  Characteristics and types of hybrid computers

Hybrid computer in Bengali 

So in today's article I will discuss  what hybrid computer is  ( hybrid computer in bangla ). Features of hybrid computer What are the types of hybrid computers ? What are examples of hybrid computers etc.  

Let's not talk more about  what hybrid computer is called  ( hybrid computer meaning in Bengali ).

What is a hybrid computer? What is hybrid computer in Bengali

A hybrid computer is a type of computer that has all the features of an analog and digital computer. It takes the analog signal and converts it into digital form before processing i.e. takes data or signal in analog mode and outputs the result in digital mode.

Hybrid computers have the speed of analog computers and the accuracy of digital computers, so these types of computers are very fast and accurate in nature.

The main purpose of this computer is to perform various complex calculations. Hybrid computers are used for certain people, but these computers are not used for personal purposes. These computers are used in aircraft, ships, submarines, hospitals etc. This computer is also more expensive than other computers.

What is a hybrid computer  ? What is hybrid computer in Bangla 

A computer that has all the characteristics of analog and hybrid computers is called a hybrid computer. This computer is a combination of analog and hybrid computers.

Who invented the hybrid computer?

The Hycom 250 was the world's first hybrid computer, manufactured by Packard Bell in 1961. Then in 1963, the world's second hybrid computer was developed which was named HYDAC 2400

Then gradually more advanced hybrid computers were developed to complete various complex tasks.

Examples of hybrid computers 

Some examples of hybrid computers are: 

   • Petrol pump

   • Scientific laboratory

   • ATM machines

   • CT scan machine

   • ICU (used in hospital)

   • Gas pump station 

   • Monitoring Machine etc.

What are the types of hybrid computers  ? types of hybrid computer 

There are three types of hybrid computer.

   1. Large Electronic Hybrid Computers

   2. General Purpose Hybrid Computers

   3. Special-Purpose Hybrid Computers

Listen then we discuss each part in detail below.

1. Large Electronic Hybrid Computers: 

 These types of hybrid computers were invented between the 1960s and 1980s. These computers are used to solve complex differential equations. But the use of this computer has decreased a lot.

2. General Purpose Hybrid Computers : 

With the help of this computer, data can be calculated quickly and accurately, and many tasks can be performed at high speed. These computers are more flexible and user friendly than other computers.

3. Special-Purpose Hybrid Computers: 

These types of computers are widely used in hospitals, fire stations, forensic labs, etc. Such computers are embedded with programs and Subsystem Simulator, Function Controller, Results Analyzer etc. to solve certain problems.

Characteristics of hybrid computers 

• Hybrid computer is a combination of analog and digital computer.

• One of the features of this computer is that it can calculate data at a fast speed and smoothly.

• This computer takes the data in analog mode and expresses the result numerically.

• This computer has many features of digital and analogue computers.

• This computer is used for special purpose only.

Use of hybrid computers 

Hybrid computers are used for many tasks such as:

• Such computers are used in military security, airlines and ships.

• Hybrid computer is used in various hospital functions such as ICU (icu), CT scan, ultrasound machine etc.

• Hybrid computers are used in ATM machines.

• Such computers are used in cement factories, gas pumps etc.

• Hybrid computers are used in scientific research.

• It is used to modify the signal in cell phones.

Advantages of hybrid computers

There are many advantages in using this computer viz

• The speed of this computer is very high and gives accurate results.

• This computer is more important than analog and digital computer.

• This  computer  is capable of online data processing.

• Able to resolve major issues in a timely manner.

Disadvantages of hybrid computers 

There are several disadvantages of using this computer viz

• Installing software, hardware is quite complex.

• This computer base is expensive.

• Hybrid computer operation requires training.

Hopefully from today 's  article  what is meant by hybrid computer What is the function of hybrid computer  ? Learned about the features of hybrid computer etc. 

 How did you feel about today's article on what is hybrid computer ?


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