What is the problem if personal information is leaked?

What is the problem if personal information is leaked?

Recently, the information related to the national identity card of 50 million citizens of Bangladesh has been leaked.

There are many news about this in the newspapers. New information is added daily.

In the meantime, the question of many people is - Well, what is the problem if others know my National Identity Card number or date of birth? Is it risky for others to know the Facebook password?

Let's see, there are any risks associated with leaking personal information of one person or many at once-

Social Media: You can know the dangers of identity theft from Rasraj Das of Brahmanbaria.

Facebook ID was opened in his name and offensive posts were given. Due to this, on October 30, 2016, 15 Hindu temples and more than half a hundred houses were attacked, vandalized and set on fire in Nasirnagar Upazila Sadar.

He cannot even use a computer let alone a smartphone, he had to stay in jail for months in that case.

What is the reason? This is because his identity was used in the crime.

And, if someone has your name, date of birth, National Identity Card number, etc., then the act of identity forgery becomes much easier.

Where national identity card is required: Have you ever had to scan a national identity card for any service in Bangladesh? If you know the information that is given on the identity card, it is easy to create a fake identity card of someone else.

Blogger, activist Arif Zebtik expressed the fear in his Facebook post – “These fake NIDs will be used in various crimes. Then the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of innocent people like us.

With this NID, he will get a hotel room and get away with murder… Then the original NID owner will be in danger!”

Phishing: Phishing is the act of harming someone by gaining credibility. It is called fishing because it is like fishing with bait. Mobile banking is incredibly popular now. Along with this, fraud based on mobile banking has increased. A customer's name, parent's name, date of birth or permanent address should not be known to everyone. 

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