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What to do to prevent breast cancer, how to prevent breast cancer, breast cancer cure, can breast cancer be prevented


What to do to prevent breast cancer, how to prevent breast cancer, breast cancer cure, can breast cancer be prevented

Symptoms of breast cancer in young women – Significance

Breast cancer is most common in women aged 15 to 39 years. Although this cancer cannot be prevented, death due to breast cancer can be prevented. The way to prevent death due to breast cancer is to detect it in the early stages and get the right treatment.

Why does early detection of breast cancer help?

According to scientists, breast cancer is best treated if it is caught early. This is because the tumors at this stage are very small and the cancer usually has not spread to other organs.


90-95% of patients can dream of recovery if caught in the early stages. The treatment of this cancer is mainly divided into several parts-

• Surgery

• Chemotherapy

• Radiotherapy

• Hormone therapy

• Targeted therapy.

Breast Cancer Surgery / Surgery

There are many types of surgery that can be done to remove a breast tumor, including:

* Lumpectomy: The tumor and some surrounding tissue is removed.

* Mastectomy: In this case the entire breast is removed. Double mastectomy means removal of both breasts.

* Sentinel node biopsy: A few lymph nodes are removed from the breast tumor and sent for examination. If the cancer report is negative, no surgery is needed to remove the lymph nodes.

* Axillary lymph node operation: If cancer is found in the lymph nodes removed during the sentinel node biopsy, the doctor may remove additional lymph nodes.

* Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy: In some cases, the healthy breast is also removed if cancer is detected in one breast.

* Radiation therapy: In this method, high-powered radiation rays target and destroy cancer cells by inactivating them. A large machine is usually used in this treatment.

Radiotherapy of breast cancer

This method is used to remove cancer from inside the body. In this, radioactive seeds are placed inside the body for a short time near the tumor site and thus destroy the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

In this method, certain drugs are used to destroy cancer cells. This treatment is often used in conjunction with surgery to remove the cancer. Chemotherapy may be given before surgery to shrink the cancer cells so they can be easily removed later with surgery.

Hormone therapy for breast cancer

Hormone therapy or hormone-blocking therapy is used to treat breast cancer that is sensitive to hormones. Hormone therapy helps to block the production of estrogen and progesterone (women's sex hormones) or the cancer cells' hormone receptors by using certain drugs. This method of treatment helps to slow or stop the growth of cancer.

Targeted therapy of breast cancer

In this treatment, certain drugs help destroy cancer cells.

Immunotherapy of breast cancer

In particular, the body's immune system is used to fight cancer. Cancer cells produce proteins that weaken the body's immune system and prevent the body from fighting cancer. This type of treatment is called immunotherapy.

Breast Cancer Screening is important for cancer prevention. Everyone should know about this by meeting cancer specialists and should come under this program. Then the disease will be caught at an early stage and the patient will recover quickly. If we make some changes in our disciplined lifestyle and lifestyle (which causes cancer), the incidence of this disease will be reduced to a great extent and the position of people who have a healthy life in our society will be strengthened.


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