Actress Prajakta has won the hearts of male fans by acting in candid scenes, watch some glimpses of the video

 Actress Prajakta has won the hearts of male fans by acting in candid scenes, watch some glimpses of the video

Nowadays, not only movies or serials but also the popularity of OTT platform has increased. Nowadays common people prefer to watch web series while sitting at home. This is why new web series are being released on several platforms every day. Several content in Bengali, Hindi and other regional languages are beating even big movies these days. Nowadays, everyone has understood the value of digital media and because of that, those who want to act are also wanting to leave movies or serials and come to digital platforms more. Everyone likes to watch these types of web series these days and that's why various OTT platforms keep offering them new content.

However, the most popular type of content in this market is adult web series. In the world of web series, this type of web series is a fresh competitor. But what if there is a new competitor, this type of web series has created a distinct popularity among the people of India in a very short period of time. These types of web series are viewed by millions of people and everyone likes to watch this type of web series at home Recently a new web series of Ullu has gained popularity among netizens. A web series named Jalebi Buy has gained popularity in the internet world at the moment. Today we are going to talk about that web series.

This Jalebi by web series released on 8th April on Ullu application. To everyone's surprise, this web series has now become one of the most popular web series on this platform. Millions of people have already watched this adult web series and in just seven days the trailer of the third part of this web series has been released. Prajakta Dusen is playing the main character of this web series i.e. a worker. In this web series, she has acted in several daring candid scenes and has won everyone's hearts. Her killer expression and figure have left many male viewers in awe. This web series is totally for adults so if you are not 18 years you can not watch this web series by Jalebi.

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