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Both men and women suffer from the problem of hair loss. But since men spend most of their time outside the house, their hair is more damaged. Also, men don't take care of their hair half as much as women do.

After all, many men suffer from hair loss at a young age. Some people lose hair and become bald. And when the hair on the head decreases, so does the confidence. So the way?

There is nothing to worry much about hair fall problem. Lifestyle changes and home remedies can also stop hair loss in many cases. However, many people have hair loss due to genetic reasons, in which case it is important to consult a doctor.

However, if the amount of hair loss increases, you can get back the lost hair with 10 home remedies. Even in just 2 weeks! Let's know 10 effective ways to stop hair loss-

>> Use vitamin E at the root of the hair to solve the problem of hair loss. Vitamin E increases blood circulation to the scalp. As a result, hair follicles remain productive. Vitamin E also maintains healthy hair color.

>> Many times hair falls due to changes in diet or lack of protein in the body. So keep protein in the diet with fat, meat, fish, soy. They improve hair health and stop hair loss.

>> It is important to keep hair clean regularly. It removes the dirt accumulated at the root of the hair easily. As a result, hair loss stops. Remember, unclean hair increases the risk of dandruff and scalp infections.

>> Never comb wet hair. Many men may not agree with this. Hair roots are soft when wet. As a result, the possibility of hair loss increases while combing the hair with a comb.

>> You can use garlic, onion or ginger juice to stop hair loss at home. Apply the juice of these ingredients on the scalp at night. Leave it overnight and wash your hair in the morning. If you follow this method regularly for a week, you will get immediate results.

>> Even if the body is dehydrated, the amount of hair loss increases. So, if the problem of hair loss increases, you will understand that your body may be dehydrated. So drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

>> Studies have shown that the use of green tea reduces the problem of hair loss. For this, mix two green tea bags in a cup of water. Then cool it and use it from root to root. Wash off after an hour. 7-10 days of continuous use will solve the problem of hair fall.

>> Always make sure that the scalp is not too oily. Many people have a sweaty scalp. Due to sweat, more dirt accumulates on the scalp. As a result, the amount of male hair loss increases. For this use aloe vera and neem shampoo. Then the head will be cool and the hair will sweat less.

>> Smoking and drinking can also cause hair loss. Smoking reduces blood flow to the scalp. As a result hair growth is hindered. So avoid smoking.

>> Exercise daily. Walk at least 40 minutes a day. You can also swim or cycle. It will maintain hormonal balance and reduce stress levels. As a result, the problem of hair fall will also be reduced.

If you follow these rules for two consecutive weeks, your hair loss problem will be solved at least a little. If it still does not decrease, consult a doctor.


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