How to get rid of itching in the urinary tract?, Causes and relief of itching or itching in the genital area, Why do women have itching in the urinary tract?


How to get rid of urinary tract itching?


Urinary tract itching, rash is very uncomfortable for women. But it is very easy to cure.

First of all, everyone should observe clean hygiene. It is possible to avoid bacterial infection in the vagina only if it is always clean. It is best not to share other people's clothes, especially towels.

Apart from this, a healthy diet is very important. Foods that cause itching or allergies should be avoided.

It is very important not to itch with your hands to deal with vaginal rashes. Itching causes rash.

You can also follow these home remedies to control rashes:

1. Avoid using things like soaps, detergents, talcum powder and skin creams that irritate your skin.

2. Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. Avoid synthetic materials.

3. Do not use vaginal sprays (unless your doctor recommends it).

4. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent dryness in the vaginal area.

5. You can press with cloth to reduce itching.

6. If you are on antibiotics, you can immediately take probiotics as advised by your doctor.

7. Clean from front to back after defecation. Do not wipe from the anus toward the urinary tract.

8. Use a condom during intercourse.

Treatment varies depending on the cause of the rash. These home remedies can also relieve symptoms. If you have never had a rash or itching before, it is better to consult a doctor before taking the medicine.

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