Reasons for fiverr account closure, Reasons for disabling fiverr account, Reasons for sudden fiverr closure, Fiverr account recovery, Why fiverr account is disabled?


Reasons for fiverr account closure, Reasons for disabling fiverr account, Reasons for sudden fiverr closure, Fiverr account recovery, Why fiverr account is disabled?

One of the most popular sites in the world today as a marketplace for freelancers is Fiver. Buyers or clients from different countries of the world provide work on Fiver and freelancers from any part of the world complete the work.

Sometimes it is seen that Fiver users are unable to access their accounts. The main reason behind this happening is that your account may have been restricted or disabled. Some of the common reasons for fiver account restriction or disablement are mentioned below.

If Fiver freelancers do any work without complying with Fiver terms and conditions then Fiver authorities will restrict or disable their account. In our article, we will discuss in detail about the reason for fiver account being restricted or disabled and how to avoid that problem.

Why is fiver account restricted or disabled?

If you want a 5 star rating from the buyer

Asking Bayer for a 5 star review is a very serious offense on Fiber. If you do this by paying a bribe, it is a more serious offence. Doing so may unnecessarily disable your Fiver account. Fiver's review system plays a much more stringent role in preventing fake gigs from entering the platform. For this reason, any review must be taken accurately and honestly. So don't try to scam the system to get positive reviews. Try to get a good rating by doing it right.

By accepting fake reviews

Similarly, if you buy fake reviews on Fiver or collect fake reviews, Fiver authorities can disable your account. A review must be accurate based on the quality of your work. Also, your interaction with the buyer is important to get a review. Fiber ensures the safety of its users through reviews. So fiber will take action against you if you violate this rule.

Not verified as a seller

When you create an account as a seller on Fiver, Fiver will ask for some documents to verify you. If you don't do that or if you show the wrong ID 3 times in a row, Fiver may disable your account.

Having multiple IDs

Sometimes sellers on Fiver create more than one account of their own. By creating multiple IDs, they want to get additional work by removing the problem of gig limit. But fiver's terms and conditions prohibit having more than one ID. For this reason, if you use the same IP address and create multiple IDs with the same information, it will disable all your accounts if it comes to Fiver's attention.

Payment or communication on platforms other than the fiver platform

The fiver platform itself has a rule of only making payments or establishing communications. This rule is made for the safety of the buyer and seller. Fiver acts as a medium for payment exchange. Apart from this, in order to avoid any kind of problem, Fiver keeps the records of all the communication between the buyer and the seller. Communicating or conducting any transaction using any other means is outside the Fiver Terms and Conditions of Service. If you do such a thing, Fiver will send you a warning or in some cases may even disable the account.

Use of copyrighted material

Never use copyrighted material unless you have permission to use it. This applies to all photos and videos of client work as well as upgrading your own gig. Use original content when using any images or videos. Or use with the permission of the content owner. Otherwise your account will be at risk of being disabled.

If you copy someone else's gig

Get an idea of what your competing sellers are offering when creating your gig. By doing this you can make a good gig according to your convenience and market. But remember never copy another person's gig exactly. If this comes to Fiver's attention, they may disable your account.

If you give a fake profile picture

Fiverr's Terms of Service requires you to display a photo of yourself in your profile picture. Authorities have taken this measure to secure all types of transactions on the fiver platform. Also, a professional photo on your profile adds credibility to your account. So if you use a fake profile picture then your account may be disabled along with a warning from Fiver authorities. But if you don't want to provide your own image, you can use your own business logo. Just make sure that it is not copyrighted or downloaded directly from the internet. 👉 What to do to get a job as a new seller on fiver

What is the way to recover disabled fiver account?

If your Fiver account is permanently disabled, you can contact Fiver Support to recover your account.

can apply Although in this case very rarely Fiver agrees with you and activates your account. Fiverr restores the previous account if there is a mistake in disabling.

If you believe that Fiver is disabling your account by mistake, please explain your problem to Fiver Support. You try to explain all your problems to the authorities and provide all necessary proofs. However, if you violate Fiver's Terms of Service more than once, the chances of getting your account back are very low.

It's very easy to avoid getting a Fiver account restricted or disabled. If you follow all Fiver's terms of service, you can easily avoid getting your account restricted or disabled. You can tell us how you like this article about Fiver by commenting. Keep an eye on our website for new technology related articles and tips.

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