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That's why Muslims are boycotting Barbie movies


That's why Muslims are boycotting Barbie movies

I have loved Barbie ever since I was a child. His puppets, shows and stories were more than entertainment. They were my source of inspiration. Taught me confidence, creativity and generosity.

However, despite my love for Barbie and these special childhood memories of the doll, I decided not to watch this movie. I am not alone in this decision. Many Muslims around the world are boycotting the movie for various reasons. Here are the reasons.

The film portrays Barbie as a staunch feminist. It challenges conventional gender roles. That is a big concern for me. Although I respect women's autonomy, as a Muslim I believe the responsibilities assigned to men and women are different. This is contrary to feminist principles. I believe that the teachings of Islam maintain a balance between the sexes, which feminism does not consider.

A notable scene in the movie shows Barbie visiting China. Coming across a map showing the disputed nine-dash line in the South China Sea. This line of competition from neighboring countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei raised the flag for me. This appears to be an endorsement of Chinese territorial claims, which has raised tensions. I see this inclusion as a subtle promotion of expansionist policies and territorial disputes, which I do not support.

Portraying Barbie as a secular character is tantamount to ignoring her millions of Muslim fans around the world. As a Muslim, I believe that global characters should reflect the diversity of their audience, including their beliefs and values. The absence of religious representation seems to me to be a missed opportunity to acknowledge the rich cultural tapestry that makes up Barbie's fan base.

Scenes in the film revealing Barbie's clothing, romantic interactions with Kane, alcohol consumption and nightclub dancing raise moral issues. These instances violate the principles of modesty, purity and honor. Furthermore, I am concerned that these scenes may inadvertently influence young Muslim girls to adopt behaviors contrary to our values.

While opinions differ within the Muslim community, my decision to skip the new Barbie movie remains firm. This is my commitment to my faith. Based on my identity as a Muslim woman.

The film's portrayal of feminism, lack of religious representation and moral content are all factors in my decision. I understand that entertainment is subjective. But for me the movie goes against the basic principles that govern my life.

Barbie was once a symbol of empowerment for me. Now his new portrayal conflicts with my values, which makes me shy away from this movie.

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