The director demands that actress Chamak be banned

The director demands that actress Chamak be banned

A few days ago, small screen actress Rukaiya Jahan Chamkam was accused of misbehavior on the shooting set of a drama called 'Shashurbari Te Prothom Din'. The actress then filed a complaint against fellow actor Arash Khan.

Even the police made the incident. Actress Chamak filed a written complaint and general diary against Arsh seeking justice for this incident.

Last Sunday (August 13), the three parent organizations of Natakapara, Television Program Producers Association of Bangladesh (Telepab), Directors Guild and Abhinay Shilpi Sangh, sat together to discuss the problem.

On Monday (August 14) night, through a press release, the Actors Association announced the decision taken at the meeting. A day after the meeting, the decision of the meeting was sent in written form on Monday night. It was claimed that there was a consensus of the Directors Guild regarding the punishment of shock, but different information was found.

The directors did not agree with this decision. Director's Guild General Secretary Kamruzzaman Sagar confirmed this information.

He said, "We did not want this solution. I informed that on behalf of our organization in the meeting of that day.

However, I do not know why we were spoken to. We have demanded that Chamak should be banned. Must do means must do. Our demand was that if Chamak pays compensation to the director, he will be banned from the drama for three months. And if you don't pay compensation, the period of prohibition will increase.

But the 13th meeting did not ban the shock. So we do not agree with this decision.

Sagar also said that a press conference may be held soon. According to him, the directors are repeatedly affected by these incidents. Their reputation is ruined. They occur to avoid exemplary punishment. All the directors want a tough punishment of shock.'

Meanwhile, according to the notification of the actors' association, after reviewing everyone's statement, it can be seen that the actress Chamak's behavior on the shooting set of producer Adif Hasan in a state of excitement on August 4, led to the arrival of the police on the shooting set, the shooting being stopped, etc., and the director financial and Mentally damaged. Actress Chamak's treatment of everyone in the unit including senior actor Fakhrul Basar Masoom and producer Adif Haasan was shockingly wrong and the allegations leveled against actor Arsh Khan in various interviews later proved to be completely baseless.

Then some conditions were given to Chamak. But the directors don't want to agree with that. The actress wants to be banned.


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