top 20 Adult movies in south korea, Korean Adult movies,best Korean Adult movies,scariest Korean Adult movies,most iconic Korean Adult movies,classic Korean Adult movies

top 20 Adult movies in south korea, Korean Adult movies,best Korean Adult movies,scariest Korean Adult movies,most iconic Korean Adult movies,classic Korean Adult movies

  1. The HandMaiden
    The HandMaiden
    The movie is based on a game plan where a guy (Sook-Hee) is planted as a handmaiden to a lady called Lady Hideko.

The guy becomes a handmaiden to the lady so that he can influence her to marry him and can take over her wealth but during his service; they both come close to each other and develop a love relationship.

The movie is based on the book Fingersmith and directed by Park Chan-wook.

Ø IMDB Rating: 8.1 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2016

  1. Thirst
    Thirst is another masterpiece from Park Chan-wook. This one is a horror film based on a novel called Thérèse Raquin.

Thirst is based on a priest who becomes a vampire due to a wrong medical experiment.

Now, this vampire falls in love with his childhood friend’s wife.

The main actors of the film include Kang-ho Song, Hee-jin Choi, and Seo Dong-soo. Thirst got positive reviews from the critics and won the Jury Prize as well in Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

Ø IMDB Rating: 7.1 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2009

  1. Purpose of Reunion
    Purpose of Reunion
    Purpose of Reunion is written by Hyeong-woo Jo and Directed by Jung Dae-man.

It is based on the school reunion where Dongchul is very keen to have a school reunion and is very enthusiastic about it. He works in a bar and one day he meets Yoo Jin who never comes to reunions.

She is a very beautiful girl and can attract any man around her. The same happens with Dongchul. The story becomes interesting when his wife gets to know about this affair.

What happens next; you will see it in the movie. Dongchul is played by Jo In Woo and Yoo Jin is aced by Kim Yoo Yeon.

Ø IMDB Rating: 5.2 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2015

  1. A Good Lawyer’s Wife
    A Good Lawyer’s Wife
    Im Sang-soo wrote and directed this movie which is about a dysfunctional South Korean family.

How the different members of this family are involved in many affairs is what the movies tell us.

The movie revolves around Eun Ho-Jeong who is the wife of a very successful lawyer Ju Yeong-jak.

Since he is working for long hours, you know it will be difficult for him to satisfy his wife sexually. How Eun Ho-Jeong gets her sexual orgasm – is what the movie explains.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.2 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2003

  1. A Frozen Flower
    A Frozen Flower
    Directed by Yoo Ha; A Frozen Flower is a historical erotic drama. The movie tells the story of a king of the Goryeo Dynasty.

King of Goryeo is married to the princess of the Yuan Dynasty and is unable to produce a prince for the crown.

He is unable to have a kid because he does not have an interest in his wife; rather he has an interest in his military commander. But this is not the actual story; the real drama starts when the king asks his military commander to sleep with his wife so that he can get a child.

In this process of getting a crown prince, the military commander falls in love with the queen. Now, the real story begins. The military commander is acted by In-Sung Jo and the queen is played by Song Ji-Hyo.

Ø IMDB Rating: 7.1 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2008

  1. Obsessed
    Obsessed is based on the story of a soldier who fought the Vietnam War. Because of his bravery, he is going to be the General of the Army but his life is not happening.

His relationship with his wife and father–in–law is not going well. Meanwhile, he meets other women in an event organized by the army and falls in love with her.

The movie further shows their passionate love affair in a military camp. Obsessed is directed by Kim Dae-woo and main characters include Song Seung-Heon as a colonel and Ji-Yeon Lim as his love interest.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.2 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2014

  1. A Man and a Woman
    A Man and a Woman
    This movie is about two strange people who meet, get intimate and then leave each other without knowing the names of each other. What happens next, you will be seeing in the movie.

Sang-min and Ki-hong were visiting Finland to attend a school camp for their kids. While returning they faced a snowstorm and were forced to spend the night in an inn. Now you know what happens when a man meets a woman on a cold night.

They had sex and then in the morning, they leave. After several months they meet again and now how they are going to deal is an interesting plot. The movie is directed by Yoon-ki Lee and the main leads are played by Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-Yeon.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.7 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2016

  1. The Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter is directed by Hyuk Byun and written by Ji-won Lee. The movie is about a police detective who is investigating a murder case. His personal life is not on the right track and he involves himself in an affair while investigating the case which further makes his life more difficult. It is an enchanting suspense drama created by Hyuk Byun. The detective is played by Han Seok Kyu and his love interest is Lee Eun Joo.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.4 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2004

  1. The Taste of Money
    The Taste of Money
    It is an erotic thriller directed by Im Sang-soo, based on a wealthy family of South Korea who owns a conglomerate. The story revolves around the family members and their relationships.

Although the company is owned by Yoon who is the president of the company, the actual power remains in the hands of his wife Baek Geum-ok. Since Yoon married Baek Geum-ok for her money he does not have interest in her and is involved in an affair with a maid.

His wife gets to know this and she kills the maid, Eva. The movie talks about how these family members are handling their relationship.

Ø IMDB Rating: 5.7 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2012

  1. Love Clinic
    Love Clinic
    Love Clinic is a comedy romance directed by Aaron Kim. The movie is about a urologist and an obstetrician.

Shin Seol is a urologist who helps men in performing better on the bed at night.

She meets Seong Ki who is suffering from a traumatic memory. They come close to each other and heal each other.

Oh Ji Ho has played the main role in the movie along with Kang Ye Won.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2015

  1. Innocent Crush
    Innocent Crush
    Innocent Crush is about a high school student who falls in love with her gym teacher.

It has all the elements of an engaging erotic drama. The movie is directed by Tae-gyun Kim and written by Sung-min Lee.

The main leads include Jang Hyuk and Jo Bo-ah. What happens when a teenage girl develops a crush on a mature man; you will see this in this movie.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.1 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2014

  1. B.E.D
    B.E.D. is based on a short story written by Kwon Ji-ye; it is directed by Park Chul-soo. B.E.D. is about three people who look at the bed from different perspectives.

B is the person who starts his day from bed and ends on the bed.

First, he develops an affair with a married woman E and after the breakup with her, he marries D who is a businesswoman.

The movie has many full nude scenes which will keep you energetic throughout the movie.

Ø IMDB Rating: 4.6 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2012

  1. The Housemaid
    The Housemaid
    The housemaid is an erotic thriller again from Im Sang-soo. The story is based on a housemaid Eun-Yi played by Jeon Do-Yeon.

While working as a housemaid for a wealthy family she involves herself in a destructive love triangle.

Eun-Yi becomes pregnant and therefore the wife of her owner tries to kill her.

The movie will give you a thrilling experience with some stunning sex scenes.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.4 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2010

  1. The Isle
    The Isle
    The Isle received acclaim from all over the world for its engaging storytelling.

Some of the scenes of the movie are made in such a way that viewers find it difficult to watch them.

The couple shown in the movie develops a love affair despite having unusual circumstances.

It is directed by Kim Ki-Duk; the main leads are played by Suh Jung and Kim Yu-Seok.

Ø IMDB Rating: 7 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2000

  1. Natalie
    Natalie is an erotic film having mystery and romance in its story. It is directed and produced by Ju Kyung-Jung. This was the first South Korean movie to be shot in 3D.

The story is about sculptor-professor Jun-hyuk. Mi-ran is a student who becomes a model for the professor and further, their relationship leads to a love affair.

When Mi-ran realizes that she will never be more than a model for the professor; she leaves him. They again meet after some time and the story goes forward from here.

Ø IMDB Rating: 4.7 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2010

  1. The Scent
    The Scent
    The Scent is about a detective Kang Seon-woo who is an expert in solving adultery cases.

Kim Soo-jin hires him for an investigation as she believes that her husband is in an affair with another woman.

While investigating the case Kang Seon-woo finds that his client’s husband is already dead and he becomes the primary suspect.

The movie is directed by Kim Hyeong-jun and stars Park Si-Yeon and Park Hee-soon.

Ø IMDB Rating: 5.8 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2012

  1. Love Lesson
    Love Lesson
    Hee-Soo is a songwriter and music teacher who has given many hits in her career.

However, she feels lonely and has lost her inspiration. To get her inspiration back she develops a love relationship with a boy and teaches him music too.

But, while she chose him as a student, her music teacher returns after a long time and the story becomes a love triangle. It is directed by Ko Kyoung-A and the role of Hee-Soo is played by Kim Sun-Young.

Ø IMDB Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2013

  1. Mother is a Whore
    Mother is a Whore
    Written, Directed, and Produced by Lee Sang-Woo; Mother is Whore is about an HIV-positive guy who lives in a small shed with his mother. Due to the poor conditions of the family; the mother of Sang-Woo starts working as a prostitute at her old age and his son works as a pimp for her.

Sang–Woo is always angry because of his father’s behaviour.

How he will come out of this mess is what you will see in the movie. Role of Sang–Woo is played by Lee Sang-Woo.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.4 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2011

  1. Sweet Sex and Love
    Sweet Sex and Love
    Sweet Sex and Love is about a young boy who always looks for something exciting in his life and a free-spirited woman who is modern and enthusiastic.

Shin-ah and Dong-Gi meet once and have sex surprisingly but they both leave ASAP after the encounter.

However, this does not end here, they meet again after the breakup of Shin-ah and the romance continues.

Shin-ah is played by Kim Seo-Hyung and Dong-gi is aced by Kim Sung-Su.

Ø IMDB Rating: 5.2 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2003

  1. The Concubine
    The story revolves around a girl named Hwa-Yeon. She is young and beautiful and when Prince Sungwon, who is going to be the King, sees her, falls in love with her.

But his mother does not find her fit in her family. Also, Hwa-Yeon loves another boy Kwon-Yoo who saved her father’s life.

The girl gets trapped in the will of the powerful family. How she will survive is what you will watch in the movie.

Ø IMDB Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Ø Release Year: 2012

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