10 most secret desires of women, secret words of girls, secrets of girls that boys want to know

10 most secret desires of women, secret words of girls, secrets of girls that boys want to know

Every human being has some secret desires, wants and desires. However, many people publish them and many do not publish them. Especially girls. There are certain things, which a woman demands in secret but says the complete opposite.

Let's find out 10 secret desires of women that they really want but don't let anyone know:

1) A girl considers her breasts very important. Women are very conscious about their breasts, very important. Because it is the main part of attracting men. That's why women want their breasts to always be attractive and youthful.

2) Girls always want a tidy family from boys. Which is possible only in small family, in big family also possible but difficult. Because of this, most of the girls want a single family, joint family is not preferred by the present day girls at all.

3) Externally a girl is not known well. Every woman wants to make herself attractive and youthful among her friends but she does not express this fact. remembers
4) Every woman wants to be fair. Whether he is fair or not, he will try to be fair.

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5) Girls never like to listen to other women's voices in her husband's mouth. She wants her husband to be only her.

6) Girls may verbally say that she never cares about her body weight but actually she wants to have a slim and youthful body.

7) Jealousy among girls. A girl can never see the success of another girl.

8) Every woman wants her beloved man to always obey her words, to always fulfill her words, she thinks she has a lot of responsibility.

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9) A boy doesn't think much about his age and looks, but a woman wants her face to be free of age spots.

10) Every girl wants her husband to be financially independent. If you notice, you will see that many people fall in love but when they talk about getting married, they tell their lover to get a good job first and then. This is what most women want.

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