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Body games started before marriage, this web series is full of intimate scenes


Body games started before marriage, this web series is full of intimate scenes

In the 1990s, there was a lot of talk about sex. It was forbidden to show close-up scenes in televised films. Many people felt uncomfortable watching the kiss scene of the hero-heroine sitting with the family. At that time some of the heroes and heroines did not want to act in intimate scenes. But slowly the scenario changed. In the 21st century, the word 'virginity' is not important to many. His influence has also reached the entertainment world. Even though it says '18+', many children under the age of eighteen are currently watching adult web series. 'Ullu' is a big name in this type of web series market. One of the popular web series of this OTT is 'Hotspot Matrimony'.

The official trailer of 'Hotspot Matrimony' was launched on 2nd December 2021 on Ullu's YouTube channel. The web series was streamed on Ullu on December 28 that year. The trailer of 'Hotspot Matrimony' has crossed one and a half lakh views so far. At the center of the story is an unmarried girl. As always, the family members are worried about her marriage. Her mother got up in the morning and asked the girl, when will she get married! He is getting older. Once the girl got upset and said, her parents can't think of anything but the daughter's marriage!

Once the girl has a virtual conversation with a man who claims to love her. Going to the restaurant, the girl asked him, what he will take! When the time is available, he takes it, the man replies suggestively. Meanwhile, while talking on a video call one night, the man tells the girl that Arshola is sitting on him. Scared, the girl took off her night gown. In fact, it was the man's excuse to see the girl's body. The girl trusts the man. Their sexual relationship is made. But the boy did not answer the girl's phone for a whole day. Later that night he said on the phone that he had to go to the hospital. Because his sister is ill.

After that, the man told the girl that his sister's health was bad and asked for fifty thousand rupees. The girl gives money to the man. But once the man started blackmailing the girl by asking for money continuously. Will the girl be freed from the man? To know you have to subscribe Ullu app.

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