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How to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, 7 ways to get rid of depression

How to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, how to get rid of depression, 7 ways to get rid of depression

Depression is recognized as a serious disease all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, around 350 million people in the world currently suffer from depressive disorders, which lead to disability. In Bangladesh, the number of patients suffering from depression is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that depression is a disease or even if they do, they do not want to admit it.

Depression is a terrible mental disorder, only those who suffer from this disease understand that they can't do anything, don't get motivated in anything, don't talk to anyone properly, cry all day long. Terrible situation! At first no one understands. Day by day the situation takes a turn for the worse. Not only her own life, but even her children's lives are disrupted due to depression.

To get rid of depression, first understand what depression is? Why is that? What are the symptoms of depression? Once you can be sure that you have this disease, only then can you get relief from it with proper treatment.

* What is depression

Depression is a very common but serious mental disorder that has a negative impact on how you feel, think and act. We often think of sadness and depression as one. These two are not the same. Sadness is a temporary upset; Which gets fixed after a while. It does not require any treatment. Depression, on the other hand, is a chronic problem. Which requires proper treatment and counseling to get rid of it.

* Why depression occurs

Depression is a complex disease. It is not possible for anyone to say precisely why this disease occurs. However, in many cases, there are some common factors that can lead to this disease.

▶ Humiliation

Many suffer from depression when exposed to mental or physical abuse.

▶ Insecurity or loneliness

Many suffer from depression due to social and family insecurity. Apart from this, many suffer from depression due to lack of relationship or disagreement with parents, friends or other close people.

▶ Mourning

The death of a loved one increases the risk of depression for many.

▶ Hereditary influence

If someone in the family has depression, it can affect others.

▶ Major changes in lifestyle

Many people suffer from depression after a major change in life. Many people experience depression when they lose a job, retire, lose income, move, divorce, or even remarry.

▶ Side effects of major diseases

If there is a major illness, the patient may admit to depression.

▶ Drug effects

Certain medications also cause depression in some people. For example, many people get depression when taking isotretinoin or the antiviral 'interferon-alpha' used to treat acne.

Apart from this, people suffer from depression due to various other reasons. The cause of depression varies from person to person.

* How to know if you are suffering from depression

▶ Reluctance to work

You gradually start losing interest in hobbies. Not getting any motivation. Lying down all day will seem like the easiest task and everything beyond that will seem like a burden. After becoming depressed, you will find no interest in the work you once enjoyed.

▶ Change in diet

If you suffer from depression, there will be changes in your regular eating habits. Either you will eat more than usual or you will have aversion to food. As a result, your weight will increase or decrease rapidly, which will cause various complications in the body.

▶ Prolonged insomnia

Prolonged insomnia is a symptom of depression. Eighty percent of adults who suffer from depression have insomnia. Patients with chronic insomnia are three times more likely to develop depression than those without. Many doctors believe that the severity of depression can be alleviated through proper treatment of insomnia. If someone has chronic insomnia, they may be suffering from depression.

▶ Depression

Depression will overwhelm you. So when you see that you are depressed, not getting motivated in anything, then you will know that you are a patient of depression.

▶ To withdraw into oneself

Due to depression, you will continue to withdraw into yourself. The company of family and friends will not be pleasant. Socializing will become unbearable at times. Loneliness will surround you, which will aggravate your illness.

▶ Lack of focus on everything

Depression can keep you in a spiral. Can't concentrate properly on anything. Cannot listen attentively to others or participate in any conversation.

▶ Negative attitude towards everything

Sadness, hopelessness and despair will surround you. Everything will have a negative attitude.

▶ Headache and gastric problems

Frequent headaches and digestive problems are also symptoms of depression.

* Ways to get rid of depression

▶▶ Medicine

▶▶ Psychotherapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Depression will make you helpless. To get rid of depression you have to prepare yourself along with various types of therapy and treatment. It is almost impossible to get rid of this disease without your own efforts. You have to change your daily activities, eating and drinking, lifestyle and even thoughts.

The following points can be helpful in getting rid of depression:

▶ Routine

Getting rid of depression requires bringing life into a routine every day. If the daily activities are oneIt can be tied into the rules, but it will help to overcome depression.

▶ Working with goals

Goals should be set. In depression there is no desire to do any work; So set a goal to work on a little bit every day.

Let's say, on the first day you decide that you will cook something fun today. If you can do it right, think about doing a little more the next day. In this way, if you gradually increase your involvement with work, it is possible to overcome depression.

▶ Exercise regularly

A little exercise every day will keep your body and mind healthy. Exercising doesn't mean running a marathon, but even if you take a short walk every day, it will have a positive effect on your brain. Which will help you overcome depression.

▶ Eating a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet can help you get rid of depression. It should be ensured that the food contains the necessary nutrients. According to psychiatrists, foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid help reduce depression.

▶ Relieves insomnia

Adequate sleep reduces depression. Insomnia occurs in patients with depression. So, the sleep problem must be solved first. Insomnia can be cured by making some changes in daily life. You should develop the habit of going to bed at the right time every day and waking up early. The habit of light daytime sleep should be abandoned. TV, computer, mobile should be removed from the bedroom. In this way, insomnia can be gradually eliminated.

▶ Thinking positively

When suffering from depression, various negative thoughts start to circulate in people's minds. Thoughts like I'm the worst, nobody's sad like me, I'm sicker than anyone, I'm a failure are the biggest obstacles to recovery. So, try to think positively by removing these negative thoughts from your mind. Everything must be judged by logic. Don't be disappointed in any way.

▶ Spending time in pleasurable activities

Try something new. Something fun. For example, traveling somewhere new, reading interesting books, hanging out with friends. You have to make every effort to keep a good mind. If the mind is good, depression will go away sometime.

▶ Taking the advice of a psychologist

Treatment should be continued as advised until the depression is completely resolved.


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