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Do not show children the graphic scenes from this series where the husband sells his wife for money.


Do not show children the graphic scenes from this series where the husband sells his wife for money.

The forbidden amusement is provided by owls. The response to the question is a unique web series by Ullu called "Paro," which explores what might happen if Prohibition ever roars once more. Instead of mature web series, "Paro" ought to be given status. In fact, the web series' name, "Paro," is quite ominous. The lead actors in Sanjay Shastri's web series "Paro" were Leena Jumani and Kundan Kumar. The narrative in Paro is about a young orphan. In far-off villages, you can seek safety with your uncles and aunts' family. The drug-addicted uncle pays a lot of money to marry a young man in Paro. The young man, however, is unknown to anyone in the community. This marriage is arranged by a man, and it happens quickly.

Paro visits the in-laws' home. However, he once more needed to pay a leader 50,000 rupees to have him protected. Her husband, Paro, sold her to that authority figure. Instead, he reaps political rewards. Nobody continues to report on Paro, the orphan. The men's wives gradually turned into their concubines. To learn the results of Paro, many people might download the Ullu App. In some regions of India, bride trafficking occurs almost daily, but who is capable of doing this?

In some regions of Rajasthan, thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls are married off socially at this age and brought home by chanting mantras while doing chores around the house and fetching water from a distance. They have to attend to men's needs every night after working all day in the house. The name of these women is "Paro.". State like Bengal and Odisha are where most of the girls are from. A lot of them are sold by their own families for a pittance.

When the male household members have had enough, the Paros are once more trafficked to other households. They ultimately come to this. By ingesting Dhutro poison, many Paro girls end their lives. There were numerous fatalities. Even the Paro girls who pass away are not properly cremated. The paro bratya are kept by the society that makes them paro. They don't have sex every night though. Sexually transmitted diseases cause a large number of early deaths in Paro girls. Bride trafficking, also known as paro, is still a booming industry in some areas today. There is collaboration between the police and the administration. As a result, justice is not served to Paros. The director was unable to properly weave the entire story because of a weak screenplay or lack of courage, but the use of the name "Paro" has been made to convey a sufficient point. On May 15, 2021, Ullur's YouTube channel debuted the "Paro" official trailer. On May 18, Ullu started streaming the web series. The "Paro" trailer has received over 16 lakh views so far.

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