Do not watch this web series in front of children


Do not watch this web series in front of children

'WOW' continues to stream OTT adult web series one after the other. This OTT has a problem with subscription but the number of subscribers is not low. But web series are B grade. The performances of the actors and actresses in these web series are also not impressive. As a result, the story of the web series is heavily spiced with sex. In September this year, the adult web series 'Peyri Buddho Mein Phas Gayi' was streamed on WOW. The official trailer of this web series was launched on the YouTube channel of WOW on September 8.

At the center of the web series is a girl named Payari. Her boyfriend works in a house. Three unmarried old men live in that house. After the death of the old man's uncle, they got a lot of money. Pairi and her lover make a plan to embezzle the money. Peyari says, the elderly should be framed for embezzling this money. In the mean time the old men come back. Peary has sex with one of them. Peyari then wears only a dressing gown over underwear in another old man's room. The old man felt physically attracted to her. I also had sex with that old man.

But another old man says, he will pay Payary. Peary has to have sex with her instead. Peyari once again established physical relations with the old man. But Peyari's lover is afraid of the police. On the other hand, two out of the three old men go up and down to marry Peyari. Payario runs away from home. But her lover asks the elders for leave on the grounds of his wife's pregnancy.

Will Peary and her boyfriend be able to get away from the old men with their money? To get the answer, you need to subscribe to WOW app.

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