Earthquake will inform Google! Get news on Android phones, Earthquake detection and early alerts


Do you use Android phones (Android devices)? However, from now on, Google will send earthquake warnings to your smartphone. On its 25th birthday, the popular search engine company announced this important service for Android users in India. It is reported that small-scale 'seismometers' will detect the tremors.

A sensor will work on the Android smartphone to detect the intensity of the earthquake. Google has consulted the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Seismology Center (NSC) to launch an earthquake warning service. The search engine company's spokesperson claims that the speed of internet messages is equal to the speed of light. The speed of vibration is much lower than that. As a result, customers will receive earthquake warnings before catastrophic tremors. As a result, major accidents can be avoided. Although this service has been launched in India for the first time, it is already available in many countries around the world, Google said.

Note that Google has spent 25 years with users. It has gradually reached the peak of popularity due to the love and addiction of users. The search engine company is celebrating its birthday by thanking its users on Wednesday. Google started its journey on September 4, 1998. Larry Page and Sergey Brin sat with a computer in a small garage in California.

Warnings will be attempted. Alert service will be available in Android 5 and later versions of this operating system. Actually Android operating system has accelerometer. Which in this case will work as a small scale seismometer.

Google has the answer to any question. Based on the trust of users, the company has moved forward fearlessly. After that, Google gradually changed itself with time. Many interesting features have been added. With the growth of users' needs, Google has also branched out. Various social platforms have been created. In total, Google celebrated its birthday on Wednesday with the trust status of users for 25 years.

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