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 Everyone wants to brighten up their face, but use creams from different companies to brighten up this glow. We are using these creams to become fairer after seeing alluring advertisements.

How millions of women are paying for fairing; How aware are you?

Skin fair cream
Side effects of skin lightening cream
“I was really sad to see her on the wedding day. It has never felt so bad," said Shiroma Pereira in an emotional voice. This is not his real name. His name has been changed in this report for social reasons.

31-year-old Shiroma lives near Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. She wanted to lighten her skin color before her marriage last year. Like her, many other women in South Asia are interested in brightening their complexion.

“Two months before the wedding, I went to a salon. They then gave me a cream to lighten the color. After two weeks of use, I noticed that my face was burning,” he said.

"I wanted to make the skin fairer but it ended up burning."

While Shiroma was supposed to be looking after her wedding shopping and who would be the guests for the event, she was busy treating her skin. It cost him a lot of money.

"I first got white patches on my face which later turned into black spots."

The bleaching cream she was given from the salon was not an approved cosmetic product. This cream was being illegally imported and sold on the black market.

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After a year of treatment, Pereira still has the black mark on her neck. After receiving more such complaints, the Sri Lankan authorities have now launched a crackdown on the sale of unlicensed bleaching creams.

But this problem is not only Sri Lanka's problem. Millions of people in Asia and Africa, most of them women, use things to lighten their skin that end up harming them.

Efficacy of skin lightening cream
But the British Skin Foundation says, "There is no safe way to lighten the entire skin."

“There is no evidence that over-the-counter creams actually lighten the complexion. It can also have the opposite effect. This cream can make your skin look abnormally white or even darker. It can also destroy the natural properties of the skin,” warns Alexandroff.

However, doctors prescribe skin lightening products to treat certain conditions like melasma.

It is very common to have such problems in the body as we age. It causes brown or gray spots on the skin. Especially in the mouth. The rate of this happening in the body of women is higher. Especially during pregnancy.

“Skin color can be restored by a dermatologist. However, there are approved creams that can be used on the advice of doctors," said Alexandroff.

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Skin lightening cream side effects
But in most cases, it has been seen that women start using these color brightening cosmetics without the advice and supervision of doctors. But these cosmetics can have serious side effects. For example:

Itchy skin
burning sensation

the danger
Dr. in favor of strict control to prevent the sale of these dangerous products. Shu

“The pharmaceutical industry is not as regulated as the cosmetic industry. Top companies do not make such dangerous products. But when such products are imported, various problems arise," he said.

There are many such fake products being sold in the market, it is difficult to identify them. It is not easy to catch those who produce these things.

Dr. Shu said there are some products that don't even list what ingredients are in them.

“You don't even know who produced these. It is not even possible to get hold of the product and trace its producers.”

As a result, he warned people about such quick solutions to lighten skin color.

“Many products are safe. But you have to be very careful if you buy these things online,” he said.

The British Skin Foundation says, “Products containing hydroquinone can be used safely under the supervision of a dermatologist. Dark spots on the skin can be treated with this and it can give good results.”

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“Some color lightening creams may be helpful. But it should be used under the advice and supervision of a dermatologist. Otherwise they can become dangerous," said Anton Alexandroff, a spokesman for the British Skin Foundation.

However, skin experts urge you to think twice before applying a lightening cream. Dermatologists have been making this call for a long time. Because according to dermatologists, most of these creams contain steroids.

The indiscriminate application of this kind of cream is causing complex skin diseases on the cheeks or face. Someone's face is full of burnt spots, someone is restless with unbearable burning when they go out in the sun. Sometimes, due to hormonal disturbances, girls also grow beards and mustaches.

In the words of dermatologist Kaushik Lahiri, four out of 10 patients in the daily chamber appeared with the symptoms of reverse cream application on the face. Some creams also have the words 'Skin Lightening' written on the tube. Many people use these to be fair.

doctorIt is claimed that once the steroid cream is applied, the skin becomes addicted to the steroid. Even if you stop applying the cream, the irritation will continue to increase. According to dermatologist Sanjay Ghosh, 'only cream mixed with steroids can be applied on the face or body in skin diseases like whiteness, eczema. That also has to be applied little by little after listening to the doctor.


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