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How to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy sevenfold, how to be attractive to your husband


How to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy sevenfold, how to be attractive to your husband,

How to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy, how to make your husband happy sevenfold, how to be attractive to your husband

Sexual intimacy is an important part of every marital union and is necessary for a relationship to work.

If your relationship hits a dry spell and sexual intimacy drops from a few times a week to once a week, there is no need to panic as this is common in marriages. A husband must know how to attract a husband sexually.

A husband also needs to have what it takes to satisfy his partner.

Just making time for sex with your partner once does not lead to sexual intimacy, because having sex with your partner or spouse for a long period of time can cause your wife to lose any sexual attraction to you.

For this effect, from the partner's end, the partner must try as much as possible to learn ways to sexually attract the husband. Or how to seduce husband, how to arouse your husband and make sex exciting with your husband.

This practice has a way of igniting sexual bliss between partners. Some spouses have taken it as a culture that the husband should always make sexual moves with his partner. Arousing your husband and having sex with your husband is not okay.

Before learning how to attract your husband sexually and tips to impress your husband sexually, there are a few things you need to do to lay the foundation and strengthen your marriage.

Don't overemphasize sex

It can be easy to misinterpret a lack of sex life in your marriage as a cause for concern. However, remember that every marriage is unique and should not follow society's rules.

Consider your feelings and if your marriage is still happy. If that's the case, don't worry that you and your spouse are drifting apart and let things happen naturally.

Intimacy in marriage is more than sex Before asking how to physically seduce your husband, talk to your partner. You can only find a solution that works best for both of you.

Work to build an emotional and a sexual connection

If you want to find out if your husband is sexually attracted to you, consider developing an emotional relationship with him. This is one of the ways to attract your husband. A relationship includes emotional and sexual life.

One cannot function without the other. Make sure you never fail to show your husband how much he means to you. Talk to her about everything, including sharing your feelings, no matter how inappropriate. It will help to create an emotional bond and improve your sex life.

Communicate with your partner about the decreased sex life

Don't shy away from your husband when it comes to your sex life. Contact him and ask how you can enjoy your husband in bed.

You can even trust him and ask him how to attract your husband sexually. It will tell you what he likes and answer your questions about how to make sex interesting for my husband.

4 ways to attract your husband sexually

If you want to make your relationship or marital union last, you must take it seriously to learn ways to seduce your husband. Husbands may focus more on finding ways to meet their partner's material needs, but that is not good enough.

He must consider the sexual satisfaction of the partner.

Also, if they want their relationship to prosper, spouses must consider the following thoughts:

  • How can I make my partner desire my sex?
  • How can I make sex interesting for my husband?
  • How do I seduce my husband?
  • How do I satisfy my husband in bed? etc.

The personal questions above are not out of place. Therefore, spouses should not be shy if they are serious about making their union and sex life happy.

Following are the ways to attract a husband for sex:

If you often ask, "How can I seduce my husband", then you must be ready to give it due attention and the necessary energy.

It can be multidimensional; This includes learning what he likes, knowing how to be attractive to your husband, ways to be sexy in bed and knowing the right touch.

Some tips to impress your husband in bed

1. Learning what he likes

Some husbands can be very complicated to understand; Therefore the partners must deliberately learn to know their husbands. Learn his philosophy on various aspects of life. It may be in marital co-existence, family relations, religion, management of responsibilities etc., learn what he likes.

Regarding the above, the following will better reveal a husband to know what his husband likes:

  • Ask his family and friends

You can ask your close family or your husband's friend what your husband likes, such as his favorite hangout spots. You can take her there on a date to show her how much you care.

  • Know his favorite food

As often as possible, cook or make available his favorite foods.

  • Find out his interests

Before asking how to turn my husband into sex? It is important to know the conversation with your partner and know his likes and dislikes. Does your husband like to discuss sports, politics, cars, real estate, etc.? Observe her interests carefully and then gain knowledge in that area to negotiate with her.

  • Surprise her with her favorite perfume

Observing the fragrance of her scent, he surprised her with a few bottles of perfume for her birthday.

  • Listen carefully to the flow of his music

Understand his favorite genres or songs and make a list. Playing her favorite album or track from a famous artist can set the tone for romance.

  • Find out his favorite vacation spot

Couples who travel together form a strong bond. So, book an incredible trip to his favorite places for a vacation.

  • listen

Showing your husband you care is paying attention when he talks and solves his problems. If you want to make your husband sexually attracted to you then listening will lead you in the right direction.

2. How to be attractive to your husband

Change is a constant phenomenon.

Your husband, who once loved you and couldn't do without you, may start losing interest and stop being sexually attracted to you. Therefore it is essential to know what it takes to look attractive to your husband. Consider the following to understand how to attract your husband sexually:

  • smile often

Smiling as often as possible is a way to show that you are happy and comfortable to be around your spouse. Every husband will be attracted to a happy spouse.

  • Please don't stop being intimate

It is easy for a spouse to change priorities when the spouse begins to engage in other endeavors. The partner may begin to redirect attention, attention, care and love from the husband. While your other efforts are essential, every husband must understand that not every husband wants to be second priority.

  • Respect and reverence

Respecting your wife is one of her basic desires. Respect will make your husband vulnerable to love more. Treating her with courtesy in matters around the house shows how much you respect her and value her opinion.

  • Take care of your appearance

Be sexually appealing to your husband ! Learn to pay attention to your appearance. Your husband may love you unconditionally, but if you start looking rough and tumble, he may stop being attracted to you. Learn to dress well!

  • Be physically fit

Chances are that your husband wants to see you the same way he did when he was first attracted to you. Learn to maintain that beautiful shape; Go to the gym, focus on dieting and keep yourself healthy.

  • Take your husband out on a surprise date

Plan a date night without her knowledge and surprise her. Dress up attractively and have an insightful conversation with her about her day.

  • to be faithful

If you cheat in the relationship your husband may walk away. Do you want to be attractive to your husband? So don't cheat!

  • Shower him with compliments

You can attract your husband to you by giving him affection and praise. Compliment her on her looks, and even her fashion sense.

  • Put him first

It's no wonder your husband might stop being attracted to you if he stops being your priority. Put your husband first and watch his attraction to you grow!

  • flirty

No matter how old your relationship is, you should never stop flirting with your spouse. You can set the mood by flirting with your husband and making him sexually aroused.

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3. Ways to be sexy in bed

Want to know how to attract your husband sexually?

Well, satisfying your husband is not just limited to sex; Instead, satisfaction starts with your looks and if your husband is sexually attracted to you. No action is taken without some preliminary thought.

Your husband must be in the right mind about your sexuality. Here are some tips to attract husband and seduce husband sexually

  • switch

There is no doubt that you look good in your clothes. But have you ever tried to "switch" your husband's clothes? Especially his shorts and long sleeves. It may seem ridiculous at times, but I bet you that he would love to see you in his clothes in the morning.

  • Wear a sexy lingerie

Is your husband lying or sleeping in your underwear while you are in the bedroom? This is the perfect answer to your question, "How does my husband want me sexually?"

  • Let him know that you are attracted to him

Don't always let him demand sex. Look her straight in the eyes and tell her, "Honey, I want you."

  • slow dance

Play a calm and slow song better if it is her favorite song and dance with her. This will set the tone for incredibly romantic sex.

  • take responsibility

You can start having sex with your husband. Take the lead and tell him what you want ! You can initiate sex by letting your husband sit or lie down while you do all the romantic and sexual drama without him interfering in the process.

  • Enjoy the moment

Do you usually ask how a husband can get me interested in sex again? It's simple, never rush to end sex and jump into something else. Make sure everything that is a distraction during sex is well taken care of.

This will help you relax while you turn on your beloved husband without any worries. Enjoying the moment is the answer to the question you don't know how to ask "How can my husband love me more in bed?"

  • sex chat

This is one way to make sex exciting with your husband. Talk to your husband about sexual desire or any past escapades. Let her know how much you enjoyed it and that you look forward to doing more.

  • Don't be predictable

It's time to take things up a notch when it comes to enhancing your sex life. Try new things with your husband and be more open to his sexual ideas.

  • role playing

You can make things exciting by role playing. Dress up your husband's favorite characters that you know he's attracted to. This will increase his attraction towards you.

4. Know what your husband wants

It is essential to know what husbands want in bed, touching the right part of your husband's body to arouse your sexual feelings; This will help you know how to attract your husband sexually. To get your husband in the mood and attract him for sex, the following places can do the magic:

  • Kiss her neck and run your hand along her chest

This is a way to seduce your husband. The neck is a sensitive area that can easily make your husband respond quickly to stimulation.

Running your hands over your husband's chest can also make him feel relaxed.

  • kiss her ear

Kissing is a perfect way to wake up your husband. Learn to gently kiss your husband behind his ear. You can whisper soft words like "I love you to the moon and back."

  • Massage her feet

Massaging your husband's feet is also a way to help him relax, especially after a busy day that leaves him feeling tired and weak.

  • Massage her back

A perfect massage on his back will help him release the stress of the day and you will try to pamper him to put him in the mood.

Do you want to know more tips on how to attract your husband sexually? Then this video is perfect for you:


When you learn and master ways to attract your husband sexually, you will be sure of a joyful and romantic sexual relationship between you and your husband.

Although magick may not yield 100 percent results at first, consistency is an important key to mastery.


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