Intimate scenes at every moment, do not watch this series in front of children


Intimate scenes at every moment, do not watch this series in front of children

People of Sanatan Hinduism are little familiar with the word 'Manglik'. This is a superstition though. During the wedding of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Avishek Bachchan, the future Bachchan-bride Manglik spread across the country. Under the tutelage of the Bachchan family, the former Miss World and Bollywood's highest-paid actress at the time had to walk around Satpaka with a tree.

Generally, in most cases, women are married to trees to remove matrimonial doshas and are later married to their intended husbands. Even in the 21st century, this superstition is still going on in different parts of the country. But women are supporting it.

Generally known for adult web series, Prime Play has recently gone off the beaten path. Through the new web series 'Manglik', they have highlighted the problem of being Manglik and the oppression of women and forcing them to do various dirty work.

The official trailer of 'Manglik' was launched on Prime Play's YouTube channel on September 3.

The web series was streamed last September 4th. Rani Pari played the lead role in 'Manglik'. The heroine of the web series is also named Manglik. She is the daughter of a man named Gajender.

But as Manglik did not get married due to his Mars condition, his family took shelter of a priest. The priest advises Manglik to marry her to a tree in order to overcome her auspiciousness. Dressed as a bride, Mangalik married the ancient tree. But after this incident his life changed.

Mangalik is a victim of black magic. An influential man in his village had sex with his maid. But during their intercourse, Manglik feels that someone is trying to get intimate with her. She feels a man's touch. But Mangalik does not see anyone.

Manglik will be free from black magic at all? Is it really good in his life? To get the answer you have to subscribe Prime Play app.

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